Intensive French course in France – Learn French in Paris

Intensive French course in France - Learn French in Paris

With PARIS-MOVE, choose your Intensive French Course in France.

An intensive French course in France is probably the most efficient way to learn French quickly. Select a French language course at the “Qualité FLE” accredited ACCORD Paris French school located near the Eiffel Tower.

At ACCORD language school you have a wide choice of semi-intensive, intensive and super-intensive French language courses, from 20 lessons per week to 46 lessons per week (each lesson is 45 minutes) as well as intensive-PLUS courses which combine lessons in multinational classes with 5, 10 or 20 one to one lessons per week (private tuition), the objective being to learn to speak French as well as possible in the shortest time possible.


Do you want to study French in France?
The Best way to do this effectively is through French lessons in full immersion, in multinational classes where no student is allowed to speak anything but French throughout the day… and in your host family, if you have selected an accommodation in a Parisian host family.

ACCORD French language school is the right choice for an intensive French course in France!
ACCORD French language school is a “Qualité FLE” accredited school member of CAMPUS FRANCE and of the SOUFFLE.FLE professional organisation. It’s a first choice high quality French language school for students from around the world with 35 years experience in teaching French as a foreigh language.
ACCORD Paris language school is also exam centre for the TCF TP, TCF IRN, TCF Canada and TCF Québec.
ACCORD French language school has been chosen as the 2023 Best French school in France by professional agencies worldwide. The official “Qualité FLE” accreditation guarantees the highest standards for French language courses, services and premises, that is why ACCORD language school is the #1 choice for an Intensive French course in France!


Do you want to study French in France?
When people think of French classes in France, they surely don’t imagine the possible choice of French courses that a school like ACCORD can offer.

All lessons are taught by experienced, native French teachers (who got the highest mark, 3 stars, at the “Qualité FLE” official French quality label) and include dynamic, innovative teaching methods using audio, video, and real-life situations.
This is why “Walking in Paris” lessons are regularly organised so that students are placed in an authentic environment, enabling them to practice what they have learnt in the classroom whilst exploring Paris and its culture, as well as getting a better understanding of living in Paris.

The results are impressive and many students as well as business people are known to have come back 2, 3, 4, 5 times or more to ACCORD French School.

Do you want to study French in France?
Learn French in Paris and improve your French as quickly as possible for your studies, work or your daily life with an intensive French course in France. Discover our intensive French lessons and the degressive prices.
ACCORD French language school offers you intensive French courses suited to your level to help you reach your goal.
Choose the pace and duration that suits you bestv and come to study French in France.

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