10 reasons to learn French with ACCORD Paris

10 reasons to learn French with ACCORD Paris

10 reasons to learn French with ACCORD Paris

A student contacted us and asked us to give him 10 (good) reasons to learn French with ACCORD Paris and we told him that learning French in Paris with the ACCORD French language School can be a rewarding experience for many reasons (and more than 10!), and here are 10 compelling ones:

Expert Instructors: ACCORD French language School employs experienced and qualified FLE (French as a foreign language) teachers who are dedicated to helping you learn and improve your French skills.

An accredited school, a guarantee of high quality: Since 2007 ACCORD French language School has been accredited ‘Qualité FLE’ (French as a Foreign Language Quality Label) with the highest marks in all domains. ACCORD French language School is registered as Private Institute oh Higher Education and is member of CAMPUS FRANCE and SOUFFLE (professional organisation for French as a foreign language training centres).

Variety of High Quality Courses: Learn French with ACCORD Paris as ACCORD offers a wide range of courses to cater to different levels and needs, from beginners to advanced learners. There are 2 semi-intensive courses and more than 10 intensive courses, including courses to prepare French DELF, DALF or TCF exams, a high quality Business French program in mini group as well as a French & Law program in mini-group and programs proposed in partnership with IKI Paris Graduate School.

Cultural Enrichment: Studying in Paris allows you to explore French culture firsthand, from art and history to cuisine and fashion. Paris is known for its stunning architecture, parks, and iconic landmarks, creating an inspiring backdrop for your learning journey.

Language and Culture Integration: Partners of the ACCORD French language School recommend you cultural activities and excursions, helping you apply your language skills with French students. In Paris you’ll be constantly immersed in the language, providing an ideal setting for language acquisition.

Historical Significance: Paris is a city with a rich history, and learning French here means you can engage with historical texts and landmarks in their original language.

Networking Opportunities: Learn French with ACCORD Paris as the French capital attracts people from all over the world, making it an excellent place to network with fellow learners and native speakers.

Career Advancement: Proficiency in French can enhance your career prospects, as many multinational companies value employees with language skills.

French Lifestyle: Living in Paris allows you to experience the French way of life, including the cafe culture, culinary delights, and more. We recommend an accommodation in a selected host family, and better select the half-board option as it will allow you to have the evening meal with the family and practise your French.

Personal Growth: Learning a new language challenges your cognitive abilities and enhances your problem-solving skills, contributing to personal growth. Each year ACCORD Paris welcomes more than 1,800 students from over 40 different nationalities. A mix of languages and cultures that will allow you to meet students who will remain your friends.

In conclusion, learning French in Paris with ACCORD French Institute offers a unique blend of linguistic immersion, cultural enrichment, and personal growth opportunities that can be immensely beneficial for both personal and professional development.

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