Academic and French language programme in France

French language programme in France

IKI-PGS is delighted to partner with ACCORD Paris, one of the leading schools in France teaching French to foreign students and offering high quality French language courses in Paris: Joint academic and French language programme in France.

IKI-PGS offers a full range of well reputed Masters, MBA, MPhil (Pre PhD) as well as BA Foundation programmes.

The new programmes combines the academic expertise of IKI-Paris School and ACCORD to create one jointly taught programme, blending the strengths of different educational cultures and providing a better understanding of your learning both in terms of high-level academic skills and French language and culture proficiency.
The academic programmes are collaboratively designed to respond to a globalised environment, and to equip students with a combination of the best aspects of our unique education systems – making them ever more attractive to employers across the globe.

IKI-PGS and ACCORD Language School are both registered as Private Institutes for Higher Education.

Our ACCORD Paris & IKI- PGS “boutique” campus is in a great location, at walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, with excellent facilities, friendly and experienced teachers and staff.
Address: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris, France

French language programme in France:

The programmes and French language courses are promoted and proposed on the PARIS-MOVE magazine.

Key elements of the IKI-PGS & ACCORD joint programme model:

• Students receive two awards, one from each partner institution – doubling the prestige and recognition of the degree.
• The 20 hours per week French language course taught face-to-face on campus is shared with extensive online support through IKI-Paris Graduate School professors and staff.
• The IKI-Paris academic programmes are taught entirely in English, preparing the students to work in a multinational environment.
• Dedicated Virtual Learning Environment – IKI-Paris Graduate School portal.
• Quality of the programmes meets the requirements of regulatory bodies.
• Students will be able to gain part time employment of up to 20 hours per week.

Academic and French language programme in France

For more information, please contact Innovative Knowledge Institute/IKI-PGS by email: &
Or use the ACCORD online contact form.

French language programs in France:

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