Afro-Desia est un album de l’organiste de jazz Lonnie Smith, (1942 – 2021), initialement enregistré en 1975 et sorti sur le label Groove Merchant de Sonny Lester.

Gabriel Genest – As it is (ENG review)

Gabriel Genest – As it is
Talented composer and saxophonist Gabriel Genest presents his second album. This album is full of surprises and offers very different landscapes, so much so that it feels like an adventure.

David Murray Quartet – Francesca (ENG review)

David Murray Quartet – Francesca
This album is a reflection of long experience, breaking conventional codes to impose his style. You will only truly know this album by listening to it all the way through, as it takes you from one beautiful surprise to another.

Yvan Cujious & Louis Winsberg – 1 voix, 6 cordes

Yvan Cujious & Louis Winsberg - 1 voix,6 cordes
Chanson française, Jazz
Un album-hommage qui offre une version à la six cordes de titres que Nougaro aurait sans doute écoutés avec une larme à l’oeil, touché par la lumière qui émane de ces versions-là.

Tevet Sela – Sweet Tears (ENG review)

Tevet Sela – Sweet Tears
A very classic form of jazz that offers few surprises, with rather joyful melodies over which the saxophonist weaves all his artistry, characterized by his rounded attacks, energized by a team of exciting musicians.

Paul Tobey – It’s Time (ENG review)

Paul Tobey – It’s Time
What we have here are works everyone knows, played simply – a fitting approach after enduring so much pain. It has been two decades of recovery (severe tendinitis in his forearms ended Paul’s touring career).

April by April Varner (ENG review)

April by April Varner
An album with immense charm that one would find hard not to appreciate, convincing both fans of classic jazz and those who enjoy contemporary jazz.

Jake Leckie – Planter Of Seeds (ENG review)

Jake Leckie - Planter Of Seeds
An intelligent work that touches each of us, playing with our sensitivities, imbued with a form of realism, adding grace to beauty, is simply the proposition of this album, making it one of our “Essentials.”

Jubu Smith – Jubu (ENG review)

Jubu Smith – Jubu
Blues, Jazz
Indeed, this entire album is a musical hide-and-seek game, in which this excellent guitarist showcases the full extent of his talent through particularly rich and intelligent musical arrangements.

Alex Sipiagin – Horizons (ENG review)

Alex Sipiagin – Horizons
A single listen is not enough to absorb such an album; it requires returning to it again and again, taking the time, as the beauty of this album is hidden in the smallest details of the arrangements – it is a masterpiece!

daoud – Good Boy (ENG review)

daoud – Good Boy
This Franco-Moroccan artist is clearly inspired by his origins, incorporating them into his own form of jazz where the two worlds intertwine to the point where they can no longer be defined.