Rivers of Nihil lands on international charts

Rivers of Nihil lands on international charts with new album, ‘Where Owls Know My Name’!

Rivers of Nihil recently released their new album, “Where Owls Know My Name”, via Metal Blade Records. For their efforts, the band has now entered the international charts! See below for all positions:
#3 Top New Artist Albums (USA)
#9 Current Hard Music Albums (USA)
#11 Top New Artist Albums Consumption (USA)
#12 Record Label Independent Current Albums (USA)
#21 Current Rock Albums (USA)
#25 Internet Albums (USA)
#40 Record Label Independent Current Albums Consumption (USA)
#51 Current Digital Albums (USA)
#53 Digital Albums (USA)
#57 Top 200 Current Albums (USA)
#61 Billboard Top 200 Albums (USA)
#91 Top Albums w/ TEA (USA)
#50 Top 200 Chart (Canada)
#10 Top Hard Music Charts (Canada)
#38 Top Digital Charts (Canada)

To preview and purchase “Where Owls Know My Name”, please click HERE

1.Cancer / Moonspeak 01:44
2.The Silent Life 06:34
3.A Home 05:19
4.Old Nothing 04:44
5.Subtle Change (Including the Forest of Transition and Dissatisfaction Dance) 08:34
6.Terrestria III: Wither 03:49
7.Hollow 05:13
8.Death Is Real 06:09
9.Where Owls Know My Name 06:42
10.Capricorn / Agoratopia 07:50

Bandcamp to order your record – Digital: HERE

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Where Owls Know My Name reunites Rivers of Nihil with Monarchy producer Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, The Last Ten Seconds of Life) and Dan Seagrave, the storied artist behind such celebrated album covers as Entombed’s Left Hand Path and Suffocation’s Effigy of the Forgotten. The result is the Reading, PA quintet’s most visceral, accomplished, and satisfying offering to-date.

Guitarist Brody Uttley comments: “This record is Rivers of Nihil being exactly who we want to be. Many bands get stuck in a comfortable routine of releasing the same album over and over again. Constantly relying on the same familiar formula may work for some bands, but it does not work for us. Music is art, and art is ever-changing. Without change, there is no progress. Without progress, the very fire that powers art and expression will die. This record is the sound of where we come from, where we are, and where we are going.”

Adds bassist/vocalist Adam Biggs: “This time around, the lyrics feel a little more personal than on previous albums. The story picks up several millennia after the events of ‘Monarchy’, where one person still remains alive, chosen by the planet to be the sole intelligent witness of its ultimate fate. But ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ is less about overarching narrative than our previous albums. The scenario is just a backdrop for the more emotional material we tried to put forth this time around. Ultimately, this is an album about loss, getting older, and reaching a point where death becomes a much more present part of your life.”

Rivers of Nihil line-up:
Jake Dieffenbach – Vocals
Brody Uttley – Guitar
Jon Topore – Guitar
Adam Biggs – Bass/Vocals
Jared Klein – Drums

Official Facebook page: HERE