One-week language stay in France for a group

Language stay in France for a group

One-week language stay in France for a group. 

How to choose a one-week language stay in France for a group of high school students studying French, with French lessons including educational outings? Choosing a one-week language stay in France for a group of high school students can be exciting!
Here are some tips to help you make the best decision, prioritizing French lessons with educational outings:

Program and Curriculum:

– Focus: Identify your educational goals. Do you want a general immersive experience, or does the group have specific areas of interest like history, art, or literature? Contact French language schools to ask for programs that align with your curriculum. We can recommend schools in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier or on the French Riviera which receive dozens of groups each year for whom they create “tailor-made” course programs. Contact us at to receive this information.

– Intensity: Consider the group’s French level. Choose a program with the right balance of language lessons in classes and educational outings (lessons outside the classroom). Ask for interactive lessons that engage students and incorporate the outings into the learning process. At ACCORD Paris, an English teacher of French asked the school to produce a complete program on Jean-Paul Sartre’s book, “Les mains sales” for her students.

– Location: Choose a city or region that complements your educational goals. For historical focus, consider Paris. For art and culture, Paris and Lyon might be ideal, as well as the French Riviera and Montpellier.

Additional Considerations:

– Accommodation: Decide on student preferences and budget. Homestays offer immersion, while student residences might be more social. Their price should also be considered, because in Paris accommodation with a host family with half board is much cheaper than a stay in a residence, while in Montpellier or on the French Riviera, price differences vary greatly depending on the season (summer is much more expensive than the rest of the year).

– Safety and Security: Choose a French language school with a good safety record and clear emergency procedures.

– Budget: Compare program costs, including tuition, accommodation, transport, and meals.

– Group Dynamics: Consider the group’s size, interests, and personality.


– Language schools: Many French language schools offer French language programs for students. Research reputable schools with experience in working with groups. A school like ILP in Montpellier mainly welcomes closed groups. The advantage of a school like the CIA in Antibes is that it has its own accommodation and residences.

– Education travel agencies: These agencies specialize in educational travel and can help you book the suitable program you’ve selected, handle logistics (flight, transfer, insurance…). Contact us at if you would like us to recommend some agencies specializing in language stays and used to working with groups.

Remember, the key is to choose a program that balances language learning with enriching cultural experiences, ensuring a fun and educational trip for your students.

We hope this helps! Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.

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