Selection of French courses in Paris

Selection of French courses in Paris

Selection of French courses in Paris

Learning French in Paris can be a rewarding experience and personal success. But for this you need to choose a very good French language school… and make a selection of French courses in Paris meeting your needs and expectations.

There are many French schools that offer courses of all lengths and at all prices. To choose your course you will first have to choose a recognized school with the FLE Quality label, this will already be the first quality assurance for you. Then you will have to spend time consulting the schools’ websites, comparing the courses and the prices of this school with that school… and you will notice that sometimes the courses are not presented with the same indication of the duration of the course. You will discover that some schools offer you courses in hours and others in lessons… and others give you the double indication, a sign of seriousness and quality as well.

The PARIS-MOVE editorial team has made a first selection for you, that of a recognized and certified school in Paris, ACCORD.

Selection of French courses in Paris, nicknamed the city of lights.

Since 1988, ACCORD French language school in Paris has been offering French courses in France based on active teaching methods, lessons in lively multinational classes and a dynamic pedagogy perfectly combining oral communication with written French and grammar. Moreover, the ACCORD French language school has been awarded the highest ratings of the official Qualité FLE quality label.

Selection of French courses in Paris for adults (+16 y.o.).

ACCORD offers a wide variety of French language courses: 8 intensive French courses of 26 to 38 lessons/week, 2 semi-intensive French courses of 20 lessons/week, 4 afternoon French courses of 8 to 12 lessons/week, 2 super-intensive French courses of 42 and 46 lessons/week, 2 specialty courses (French & Law and Business French), 7 preparation courses for French exams (DELF, DALF, A/AS level, ILC, Abitur), 8 French courses “intensive PLUS” and… private lessons.

Selection of French courses in Paris in a ‘boutique’ school nearby the Eiffel Tower.

Located in the lively 15th arrondissement, the ACCORD school is a few minutes’ walk from the famous Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars. Courses are held 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, a very quiet street, in modern premises which are fully air-conditioned, and which have a fresh air VMC network.

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In a future article our editorial team will present you a school selected in Lyon, ALPADIA, as well as a school selected on the French Riviera, in Antibes, and a school located in Provence, Millefeuilles Provence. These schools are also Qualité FLE accredited.

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