Douyé – The Golden SÈKÈRÈ (ENG review)

Street date: July 7th 2023
Afro Jazz, World Jazz
Douyé – The Golden SÈKÈRÈ (FR review)

You were able to discover the Nigerian-born singer based in Los Angeles, Douyé, thanks to Bayou Blue Radio a few years ago. I talked about her in this 2020 article in French, and HERE in English. Her deep, profound, and magical voice is now showcased in a very personal album where she offers us exceptional Afro-jazz by infusing African rhythms and arrangements into songs from the Great American Songbook. This breathes new life into well-known standards on “The Golden Sèkèrè,” her fifth album titled after the unique bead percussion instrument from her homeland. She blends her polyrhythmic African heritage with the musicality of Western jazz to create a collection of fourteen songs of sublime beauty and percussive festivity. It stands out as a special source of creative innovation.
Douyé says, “I’ve seen thousands of people singing these jazz standards on YouTube, but much of it feels inauthentic to me,” says Douyé. “As my father taught me, I had to connect to the spirit of each song to understand them directly.”
Not only is this album a true delight to listen to, but it is also intelligent, funny, and danceable, a genuine pleasure for jazz enthusiasts and anyone who loves titles like “My Funny Valentine” in an incredible version. It also features a delightful and joyful rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” immortalized by the Muppets. Douyé even offers two equally brilliant versions of the song. If you enjoyed her previous albums, you will love this one.
Douyé created this album to celebrate her cultural and musical heritage. “The Golden Sèkèrè” is also a tender tribute to Douyé’s father, Landy Youduba. Although she began her career recording R&B music, she never forgot that her father insisted she sing jazz.
Once again, we can only applaud the rich idea of her father, without whom the world of jazz would have never known his daughter’s beautiful voice and the cultural richness he bestowed upon her, creating an incredibly original artist. With each album, Douyé establishes herself among the greatest artists of her generation. Thanks to this album, it is almost certain that everyone, from Bayou Blue Radio to Paris-Move and even Downbeat magazine, will agree that a star is born.
This is a new essential offering from the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move.

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, June 26th 2023