How do I get a French language certificate?

How do I get a French language certificate?

How do I get a French language certificate?

Getting a French language certificate depends on several factors, so let’s break it down to guide you. Here are the key steps:

1. Identify your reason for needing a certificate:

– Academic purposes: If you need it for university applications, scholarships, or exchange programs, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels and recognized exams like the TCF TP (TCF Tout Public), or the DELF and DALF might be relevant.
– Professional purposes: Many employers require French language certificates for French job positions or an end of French language course certificate.
– Personal goals: For self-motivation or immigration purposes, like Canada and/or Québec, you might have more flexibility in choosing a certificate or taking a general proficiency test like TCF Canada or TCF Québec.

2. Determine your current French level:

This will help you choose the appropriate certificate and exam level. Consult a French language school for an assessment. Select a ‘Qualité FLE’ accredited language school, as this official label is a guarantee of quality.

3. Choose the right certificate and exam:

Here are some popular options:
– DELF “tout public”: Official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education. This diploma is recognised worldwide and is valid for life. The DELF “tout public” is composed of 4 independent diplomas corresponding to the CEFR levels: DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1 and DELF B2. More information are on the Examens-Paris website.
– TCF TP (TCF Tour Public): The TCF “tout public” is aimed at all individuals 16 years old and above whose native language is not French and who want to assess their level of French for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Together with a mandatory written skills test, the TCF “tout public” is the official test recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture. More information are on the Examens-Paris website.

4. Find a test centre:

Search for an official test centre near you, like the one presented on Examens-Paris website. The list of the DELF & DALF exam centres is proposed on the Examens-Paris website and you can download it.
The list of the TCF exam centres in France is on the FEI website. ACCORD Paris is official exam centre in Paris for the TCF TP, TCF IRN, TCF Canada and TCF Québec.

5. Register for the exam and prepare for it:

Follow the registration procedures and dedicate time to participate to an intensive French language course in France. Some institutions offer preparatory courses as well. Select a ‘Qualité FLE’ accredited French language school, it is a guarantee of quality. The FLE Quality labelled schools having been audited, visited and controlled to obtain this official label.
ACCORD French Language School offers exams but also preparation courses, as the DELF exam preparation course or the DALF exam preparation course.

Additional tips:

– Consider your budget and time commitment when choosing a French language course before the exam, and the cost of the exam.
– Check the validity period of the certificate if it’s relevant for your specific purpose.
– Immerse yourself in French culture and practice as much as possible to improve your skills before taking the exam.

We hope this information helps you navigate the process of obtaining a French language certificate!

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