Blackened Death Metal UNBURNT: EP out on Friday

PARIS-MOVE, August 13th 2019 – Canadian Blackened Death Metal Project UNBURNT (Featuring members of Samskaras, Odium, etc) announce Arcane Evolution EP out this Friday, August 16th.

Canadian blackened death metal project Unburnt recently announced the upcoming August 16th release of their four-song EP, Arcane Evolution. It is the follow up to the group’s 2016 debut single, “Harnessing Black Flame”.

Unlike many new bands struggling to find their sound early on, Unburnt consists of seasoned metal musicians spread throughout various parts of Canada desiring to create something new outside of what their individual projects play. Consisting of versatile vocalist Eric Burnt of Samskaras and ex-Derelict fame, guitarist Bo Louther and drummer Joe Mullen of the long-running Ontario-based melodic death outfit Odium, and rounded out by their newest member, bassist John-Ryan Godfrey of We Are Human.

Unburnt – Arcane Evolution is a scorching and eclectic slab of death metal with a bit of something for everyone between black metal influenced elements, heavy neck-snapping modern death metal underpinnings, infectious melodies, and driven by a perfect balance between driving riffs and spidery lead work. Inspired by bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Veil of Maya, Dimmu Borgir, and Whitechapel, Unburnt covers a wide range of sounds fused together in a memorable fashion all their own.

“Among the long list of adjectives that leap to mind in listening to Unburnt’s debut EP (and you’ll see many of those in the following paragraphs), the one that probably belongs at the top is “ferocious”. While the music is undeniably multi-faceted, the trip through the four tracks on Arcane Evolution is a turbo-charged rush. It propels us at high speed through a savage gauntlet of blackened death metal that’s attacking on all fronts, in breathtaking fashion. The fact that the band manage to integrate so many other experiences along the way, without ever lessening the wild savagery of the assault, is at least as impressive as their talent for obliteration.”

Unburnt – Arcane Evolution Tracklist:
1. A Reason to Live
2. Superiority In Wisdom
3. Sorrow-Bearing Enemy
4. Arcane Evolution

Unburnt – Arcane Evolution Line-up:
Bo Louther – Guitars (Odium)
Eric Burnet – Vocals (Samskaras, ex-Derelict)
Joe Mullen – Drums (Odium)
John-Ryan Godfrey – Bass (We Are Human)

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