YEAR OF NO LIGHT: new album “Consolamentum”


PARIS-MOVE, April 9th 2021 – YEAR OF NO LIGHT fête cette année son 20ème anniversaire! À cette occasion, Pelagic Records sortira non seulement le nouvel album “Consolamentum” le 2 juillet, mais aussi un coffret en bois contenant l’intégralité de leur discographie, soit 5 albums studio, plusieurs split EP et la collaboration avec le compositeur belge Dirk Serries des enregistrements “Live At Roadburn”, sur 12 disques vinyles.

Les compositions longues, tentaculaires et cinématiques, composées d’imposants murs de guitares et de synthétiseurs sombres, du groupe français de six musiciens, dégagent un sentiment de solennité et de gravité spirituelle.

“Consolamentum” est énorme, poignant, effrayant, sublime, étouffant et cathartique – et, tout comme son prédécesseur, “audacieux, mémorable et suprêmement confiant”. – @decibelmagazine

Les précommandes pour “Consolamentum” et “Mneme” débutent le 19 avril à 16h.

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Yet one more band started after too many belgian beers under the sun of the ending summer of 2001, Year of no light slightly but undoubtly started to slide down to gloomier atmospheres as the inherent chaos of Bordeaux’s caves and harshness of winter made their common work. As the line-up was getting solid the band clarified their intentions and started to build the basis of what would be their first demo recorded in 2004.

More and more shows were played and the rather general critical acclaim of the demo quoting them as being “The Cure playing sludge” combined with live reviews becoming more and more encouraging compeled the band into the writing of new tracks that would finally end up on their first album “Nord”, recorded at Rec studio under the direction of Serge Morratel in the fall of 2005. This material was mastered early 2006 in New York with Alan Douches and ends up here on 2*LP gatefold via Atropine & E-vinyl and also there on Cd via Radar swarm and re-issued later in the US via Crucial Blast records.

Year of no Light spent most of the last 4 years spreading its enthralling psychedelic warfare to a continually growing audience. Alongside they parted ways with their singer (R.I.P) and recruited two other thirsty mercenaries. Shiran, of über-doom combo “Monarch!”, brings now his chthonian six strings to an already massive cathedral of noise and ambient drone tones. Mathieu, of deviant-electronics act “Aérôflôt”, strengthens ritualistic tribal rhythm patterns.

Out of their cave, they secluded into an old theater to record these 4 tracks catching every possible vibration of the trembling frame of this enlivened a new mansion. All the energy collected at that very moment forms “Ausserwelt”, the sophomore album of Year of no Light. Mystical emanations flow out of these riffs colliding into each other to an in ear-splitting shriek. Cranked amps and molested drums hurl their mourning chant as a choir intoning its final psalms at the dawn of the Last Judgment. Year of no Light follows the path opened by “Nord” towards more somber psychedelics, creating its own blend of black metal, sludge, drone or any other influence marked with the seal of darkness.

Still no caps, no core neither stupid modern nihilism but instead an ambiguous electrical network of acting singularities, now ready to afford the collective metaphysical crash to come.

(Zozzal & Year of no light – 2010)

Pierre: guitar & funeral hermeneutics
Jérôme: guitar & electrical geometry
Shiran: guitar & heavy cosmogony
Johan: bass, keyboards & tantric computation
Bertrand: drums, keyboards & cosmic cognition
Mathieu: drums, über-modern electronics & pendular architecture