VOIDTHRONE: Kur album out May 4th

Seattle-based unconventional dissonant black/death outfit Voidthrone arise again with a new offering of brain-scrambling darkness and terror, “Kur”! The album is set for release on Friday May 4th 2018. It is a worthy follow up to the group’s inventive 2016 album, “Spiritual War Tactics”, which received high praise from many outlets worldwide.

After releasing “Spiritual War Tactics”, Voidthrone added new members to their ranks and immediately began working on new music that would evolve and grow over time into the intricate and ambitious work of bleak extremity that is Kur.
Musically, Kur is difficult to dissect in simple terms. The album’s four tracks carve an amorphous path in many directions. They draw from a wide palette of influences that include Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Hypocrisy, Gojira, Naglfar, Triptykon, Batushka, Imperial Triumphant, Gorgoroth, Zhrine, Nails, The Black Dahlia Murder, Oranssi Pazuzu, and Ruins of Beverast.

Today the group partnered with No Clean Singing to premiere the new album’s title track “Kur”, which doubles as a depraved and hypnotizing music video. Pre-orders for Voidthrone – Kur are now live via Bandcamp HERE the release drops on May 4th 2018.

1. Modern Hellfire
2. Kur
3. Phantasm Epoch
4. Their Recursive Communion

You can listen to “Kur” HERE

No Clean Singing comments on the premiere of Voidthrone – “Kur”:
“I had some warning about what Voidthrone were going to do to me in this song, because I was familiar with their 2016 debut album Spiritual War Tactics, an album I described here as “a huge late-year stunner that should not be missed”
“Kur“, the song, builds on the remarkable foundations of that album. In a nutshell, it’s explosive and terrifying. It seems that all aspects of the music (and the video) were designed to slash the listener’s sanity to shred, at least for eight minutes, everything geared toward pitching you into an intensely destabilizing musical maelstrom.
Dissonance plays a big role in the song. The roaring riffs and sinister leads sound alien and unhinged, as do the flurries of fret-darting dementia. The atmosphere of eerie, berserker chaos is made even more staggering by the changing vocals, which channel incinerating ferocity and horrible agony, and by the eruptions of maniacal drumming.
Frenetic violence isn’t all the song holds in store. The band shift gears frequently, delivering plundering stomps and gruesome crawls, with queasy notes that ooze illness and long, morbid reverberating strings. There’s bruising gloom and depressive desolation to be found here, as well as crescendos of lunatic fury.
The fast-cutting video (by GreyLane Media) just makes the experience more unnerving, casting the band in shades of red and black, throwing up mysterious menacing designs, and eventually bathing the vocalist in torrents of blood.”

Pre-orders are now live for Voidthrone – Kur: HERE

Voidthrone is:
Ronald Foodsack (ex-Obnoxious): Guitar, Phin (Thai stringed instrument)
Mac Boyd (ex-Dad Jazz): Guitar
Joshua Keifer (ex-A Flourishing Scourge): Drums
Austin Schmalz (Phorusrhacidae, ex-Topless Pit): Bass
Zhenya Frolov (MCMJ): Vocals

Page Facebook officielle: ICI

YouTube Channel: HERE