“Underneath a Melting Sky” out August 25th through The Artisan Era

Accomplished technical death metal outfit Inanimate Existence recently announced their forthcoming fourth album, “Underneath a Melting Sky”. Set for release on August 25th 2017 through The Artisan Era.
Today the band partnered with Toilet Ov Hell to premiere “In Moonlight I Am Reborn”, the first single from the album to be released.
Pre-orders for the album are now live as well through the links provided below:

Says Toilet Ov Hell regarding today’s song premiere:
“In Moonlight I Am Reborn” is the unification of the old and new, bearing the strong, full riffs of the band’s earlier efforts with the ethereal synths of their most recent. The beginning of the song illustrates this perfectly: you’re immediately greeted with a big meaty triplet riff backed with a subtle layer of synth and effects-laden clean guitar. The haunting atmosphere has the subtlety of their older work, but with the multilayered complexity of Calling. The two halves of their sound work together now better than ever before, and the resulting effect is something akin to meditating under a waterfall: relentlessly pummeling, but surprisingly contemplative.”

Cameron Porras – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Bradley – Bass, Vocals
Ron Casey – Drums