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Qualified Human Translators

Why translation software can never replace qualified human translators.

Do you need to have your professional documents, files, technical manuals or website translated into one or more languages? One piece of advice: don’t just publish translations produced by translation or AI software and better ask Qualified Human Translators. Paris-Move explains here the importance of using a recognized and reputable translation company to proofread and check the translations produced by translation software such as Google Translate or artificial intelligence software.

In today’s globalized world, content translation has become essential for businesses, organizations and even individuals. With the advent of technology, automated translation software, such as Google Translate and other artificial intelligence tools, provide a quick solution to get instant translations. However, the importance of using a recognized and reputable translation company to proofread and verify these translations goes far beyond simple convenience.

One of the major challenges of translation software is its limited understanding of context, linguistic nuances and cultural subtleties. Although these software programs have progressed considerably in recent years, they remain incapable of fully capturing the specificities of each language and producing impeccable translations in all contexts or fields of activity. This is where the human expertise of a translation company comes into play.

Indeed, Professional Qualified Human Translators have a deep understanding of the target language, its nuances and its cultural context. They are able to discern linguistic subtleties, puns, idiomatic expressions and connotations specific to each language. By proofreading the translations generated by the software, these translation professionals can correct errors, improve the fluidity of the text and guarantee clear, fair and precise communication.

The importance of the quality of translations becomes particularly crucial in the professional field.

An imprecise or inappropriate translation can lead to misunderstandings or worse, errors that can have serious consequences, including technical problems and equipment failures, even material or human accidents, financial losses, damage to the reputation of the company. business and legal issues.
A translation software is not capable of understanding these commercial and legal issues, which highlights the need to use Qualified Human Translators to guarantee the reliability of translations. This is one of the major assets of the translation company Active Languages, based in England.

Another important aspect is information confidentiality. Companies often handle sensitive data that must not be compromised during the translation process. Machine translation software can pose privacy risks because content may be stored or processed on remote servers. Recognized and reputable translation companies have strict protocols in place to ensure the confidentiality of their clients’ information, thereby building trust in the translation process. This is another of the assets of the Active Languages ​​translation company.

Customization is also a key element in choosing a professional translation company. Each translation project is unique, with its own specific requirements in terms of tone, style and terminology. Human translators can tailor their approach based on the client’s specific needs, ensuring a personalized translation that meets expectations exactly. This is another of the assets of the Active Languages ​​translation company.

In conclusion, although machine translation software has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we access rapid translations, using it without human supervision carries risks. A recognized and reputable translation company like Active Languages ​​plays a vital role in verifying and correcting software-generated translations, ensuring accuracy, cultural relevance and confidentiality of information.

Investing in quality translation by professionals is a strategic choice that contributes to the effectiveness and long-term success of multilingual communications.

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