TRANK news: vidéo “Undress to Kill”


PARIS-MOVE, July 4th 2020 – TRANK news: une nouvelle vidéo en ligne sur Paris-Move, la vidéo “Undress to Kill”, et le nouvel album “The Ropes” est à venir! Stay tuned…

Et voici le nouveau single extrait du premier album à paraître de TRANK: “Undress to Kill (2020 Album version”).
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Directed & edited by Alban VERNERET
“Undress to Kill” – from the forthcoming album “The Ropes” by TRANK
Written, composed, arranged and performed by TRANK

Line up:
Julien Boucq – guitars and effects
Johann Evanno – drums and percussion
Michel André Jouveaux – vocals, keyboards and programming
David Spatola – bass

Recording and additional arrangements by Yvan Barone
Produced by TRANK with Yvan Barone
Mixed by Brian Robbins, New York City
Mastered by Andy VanDette @ The Engine Room, New York City
Digital editing by Harry Maisonneuve

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“A contagious, intense, raging brand of rough-as-rock introspection.” Or, as they half-jokingly describe it, “like silicium: not metal, but hard enough – songs that make you think and jump at the same time.”
TRANK’s alternative rock blends propulsive, passionate energy and epic flamboyance with the darkly melodic atmospheres of post-punk, and a wry, seasoned lyrical look upon life and its trials.
The quartet’s 2016 debut EP, “Midlife Noises” – and lead single “Take the Money and Run”, have already got them the attention of giant festivals like Atlas Weekend and major acts such as Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach, Disturbed for whom they have performed incredibly successful opening gigs.

TRANK are now set to release their first full length album “The Ropes” this fall 2019, which will feature recent singles “In Troubled Times”, “Bend or Break” and “Undress to Kill”.