THE LAST OF LUCY : new album, “Ashvattha”

THE LAST OF LUCY: Orange County/Los Angeles, California based Technical Death Metal/Experimental Unit announce their new album, “Ashvattha”.
Unveil album art done by Remy Cooper (Headsplit Design) + Tracklisting.
Set for November 17th 2017 release.
Based in Orange County/Los Angeles, California, The Last Of Lucy are back with a new offering of experimental and jazz-inflected chaotic technical death metal on their upcoming full-length, Ashvattha. Which is set for release on November 17th and boasts incredible cover artwork from renowned French artist Remy Cooper (Headsplit Design). The Last Of Lucy is a technical death metal group that incorporates various elements of Grind, Jazz, Ambient, & Classical music.

Active since December of 2007, The Last Of Lucy released their first effort, Euphoric Obsession, in 2010. They followed that up with a dense brain scrambling experience on their next release, a 4 track EP entitled Exalted Compositions that came out on November 26, 2014. Now in 2017, the time has come for another eclectic dose of alien-like amorphous technical death metal from The Last Of Lucy to be unleashed upon the world. Ashvattha will strongly appeal to fans of Psyopus, Rivers Of Nihil, Entheos, Beneath The Massacre, Gigan, The Schoenberg Automaton, and Ion Dissonance.
“Ashvattha” Track Listing:
1. Chapter I: Epiphyte
2. Chapter II: Odyssey
3. Chapter III: Ashvattha Awaits
4. Hypostatize (Interlude)
5. Obsidian Archetype
6. Advertent Avidity
7. Vigilance (Interlude)
8. Formication
9. Agarttha
10. Permutation (Outro)
The Last Of Lucy is:
Josh De La Sol – Vocals
Gad Gidon – Guitar + electronic ambient contributions
Christian Mansfield – Guitar
Ricky Fregosi – Bass
Brandon Millan – Drums (ex-live for Arkaik)
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