The Crown returns to Metal Blade Records

The Crown returns to Metal Blade Records; completes new album recordings; new 7″ ‘Iron Crown’ out January 12th 2018; video teaser available!
Swedish Death Metal legends The Crown have returned to Metal Blade Records for a multiple album deal! Comments The Crown on the agreement: “We are very honored to be back working with the label that supported us through many albums. The biggest ‘steps’ during our career have been thanks to Metal Blade. We have always had a strong mutual will to make the best possible albums. Now let’s fire up this Death Metal engine again!”

The Crown have just finished recording their new, currently untitled long-player at Studio Fredman, and the record promises to be one of the biggest surprises of the upcoming year. A return to Death Metal speed and darkness in full glory!

Metal Blade will release “Iron Crown”, the first single from the upcoming album, as a limited 7″ on January 12th 2018. Make sure to check out a video teaser of the song HERE !!

The B-side features the exclusive new song “Ride The Fire” (not to be featured on the long-player).
The Iron Crown 7″ will be released in these colors:
— black (300 copies),
— silver (200 copies),
— red transparent (100 copies)
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The Crown line-up:
Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Marko Tervonen – Guitar
Robin Sorqvist – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson – Drums

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Official Biography (from the official Facebook page HERE)

The band was originally formed back in 1990 as a primitive garage act. And it was first in 1992 that they made their first public appearance on a local compilation CD. In 1993 the band records the now infamous “FOREVER HEAVEN GONE” demo with its´ dark & brutal sound. It made some underground attention and got the band to play at the Hultsfred-festival alongside major acts like THE RAMONES and ENTOMBED. Shortly after that appearance original guitarist Robert Österberg left the band and got replaced by Marcus Sunesson, just before the recording of the second Demo “FORGET THE LIGHT”:

Now the band had grown into better songwriters and musicians and the result was a very brutal, intense and evil Death Metal but with a lot more feeling and melody to it, some ´zines wrote that it was the perfect mix between the American and the Scandinavian sound… This led to a deal with the new Swedish Metal label “Black Sun Records”. The debut CD “THE BURNING” featured songs from both the demos alongside some new material and was praised as being one of the strongest and most brutal albums of 1995. A video was shot for the track “Of Good and Evil” and the band also featured on the “Slaytanic Slaughter” tribute album to SLAYER with their version of “Mandatory Suicide”.

In 1996 the band once again entered the studio to record their second album entitled “ETERNAL DEATH” which shows an even more focused and breathtaking sound. Its´ unique blend of hellspawned riffing, blasting drums, beautiful melodies, ripping heavy metal solos, killer vocals and possessed lyrics in catchy arrangements makes “ETERNAL DEATH” a very dangerous and highly addictive album. And it also features a mindblowing version of their 1991 garage cult-classic “Kill (The Priest)”. A video was made for the song “Angels Die.

In July 1997 the band is forced to cut their name short into just THE CROWN, due to pressures made by a Christian glam-pop outfit also called CROWN OF THORNS. The name-change however did not affect the bands musical future as they stated that they still are the same nightmare-team as before and will continue to spread hell and terror in an even more wicked way with more sinful material. One nasty little taster was “The Poison” featured on a compilation album from Wicked World Records, and a blasting cover of the Sepultura hymn “Arise” appeared on the “Sepultural Feast” tribute album.

In January/February of 1998 THE CROWN hit the road and raised some serious hell together with SACRILEGE featuring Tomas Lindberg(ex. AT THE GATES ). After having seen a show on this European tour a member of the Metal Blade Records-team was very impressed (even after having a beer kicked in his face by singer Johan). And after some conspiracy (with satan) the deal was done between the hellish band and the legendary metal label.

After a busy summer playing festivals plus extremly hard extensive rehearsing and writing of new material THE CROWN was ready for the third album:

The result was 11 ripping new tracks of Death, Darkness, Destruction, Revolution,Violence, Mystery, Satanism, War, Drugs, Armageddon, Sex, Black Magic and Rock´n Roll. To celebrate and promote this musical hell on earth THE CROWN was proud to participate on the NO MERCY TOUR part III and stormed Europe in April 99 together with the Death/Black Metal majesty of MORBID ANGEL, EMPEROR, IMPALED NAZARENE, LIMBONIC ART and PECCATUM. The tour including Wacken Open Air was a huge success with thousands and thousands of people witnessing and getting off to the sheer power of THE CROWN on stage.

The 4th album gloriously entitled “DEATHRACE KING” was recorded during winter 99 in the new-built Studio Fredman. The result is a top-notch superfat and modern production to really push the music like a bullet through your soul. This is Death Metal as the ultimate Rock´n Roll Überbeast that laughs and destroys everything in its´ way, – including you! This album sets a new standard to albums in the new millenium as it only and exclusively contains of those precious killer songs without any fillers. The recording session also featured guest vocal performances from Tomas Lindberg (ex AT THE GATES) and Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE), to really kick it in.

During the following year the DEATHRACE 2000 was on. 57 shows of hell-paced death throughout Scandinavia, North America, England and Europe alongside CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE, KRISIUN, THE HAUNTED, MORBID ANGEL, ENSLAVED & VOMITORY. Blasting away night after night, giving it all as if born to race.

In early 2001 singer Johan Lindstrand decides to leave after 11 years down the line and Tomas Lindberg is recruited as the new singer. After destroying some summer festivals in 2001 their 5th album “CROWNED IN TERROR” is recorded, to be released in March, 2002!

In April 2002 The Crown and Tomas Lindberg have parted ways due to personal differences.

Johan came back for the 2 Summer Open Airs 2002: Tuska and PartySan, but the band is still searching for a permanent new singer.

In September 2002 Johan Lindstrand is back in the band as the new permanent singer.

In March 2004 The Crown quits.

In Dec 2009 the Reunion take place, THE CROWN 2009 is:
* Jonas Stålhammar (GOD MACABRE, MACABRE END, ABHOTH) – Vocals
* Marko Tervonen – Rhythm Guitar
* Marcus Sunesson – Lead Guitar
* Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
* Janne Saarenpää – Drums

Doomsday King, their long awaited follow up to Possessed 13 is released 2010.
In Aug 2011 Johan Lindstrand rejoined the Band.

In early 2013 longtime member Marcus Sunesson is replaced by Robin Sörqvist
“Death Is Not Dead” is being recorded and is expected to hit the surface sometime late summer 2014.

…and The Crown is now back to Metal Blade Records!