STEVE VAI news: Vidéo “Little Pretty”

PARIS-MOVE, December 22nd 2021 – STEVE VAI news: Vidéo “Little Pretty” et nouvel album “Inviolate” le 28 janvier 2022 via Favored Nations/ Mascot Label Group.

“My new record “Inviolate” drops January 28th, 2022. It’s the culmination of 61 years worth of inspiration and training. It oozes delicious melodies and fierce pyrotechnics. It will also lift you up to levels of delight that will make the rest of your life a beautiful experience… well, maybe not but… close.” – Steve Vai

Sera dispo en 180gr black vinyl, limited gold vinyl, CD et download/stream.

Album en précommande ICI

Steve Vai – Little Pretty (Official Music Video):

Track listing de l’album “Inviolate”:
Teeth Of The Hydra
Zeus In Chains
Little Pretty
Apollo In Color
Greenish Blues
Sandman Cloud Mist

Official website ICI