Yann Cléry – Yann Solo (ENG review)

Electro-Pop, Funk, Soul
Yann Cléry – Yann Solo

It’s quite difficult to talk about Yann Cléry’s music. With each album comes beautiful surprises, and the talent of this flutist and composer eventually reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto, whom I admire tremendously. In both cases, despite their different origins, these artists strive to challenge codes and boundaries, assembling a patchwork of cultures in their art.
Another similarity between these two artists is their attention to aesthetics, whether in their music or in their fashion. Listening to Yann Cléry’s music is just as enjoyable as listening to the Asian master’s music because he has always been on this artistic path, and all of his albums are pure wonders.
“Electropico” is undoubtedly the best word to describe this album, which brings together all the ingredients of electro pop/ rock/ soul/ funk music. We are slowly intoxicated until the finale, which resembles a fireworks display. Surprising, brilliant, and danceable, this album will give you sunshine and laughter for the day, and if you want to party with Yann, reserve your evening on April 13th at FGO-Barbara. You can find more information here: https://fgo-barbara.fr/programmation/yann-solo.
It’s hard to believe that this album is a solo album, dear Yann Solo, and yet it is. I can’t imagine the pleasure of the audience on April 13th. With this album, Yann Cléry proves once again that he is one of the most exciting artists on the current scene. He is a lovable prankster who has quickly established his unique style, whether in his compositions or his flute playing.
Despite its cheerful aspect, Yann still addresses social issues. Titles such as “Restons bons amis” (Let’s Stay Good Friends) or “Stop Racism” are at the heart of Western societies’ concerns, and they sound like universal messages.
This album offers plenty of materials to enrich and broaden anyone’s personal universe, whether it’s through the French, English, or Franglais lyrics. The music resounds, and it is almost impossible to get tired of this album thanks to the beautiful energy that emanates from the wizard of sounds and rhythms that seem to be embedded in him. As a result, we are particularly attentive to the last track of the album, where the flute becomes the central actor, allowing us to appreciate the immensity of Yann’s playing quality.
Since the release of his album “Motozot” in 2017, Yann Cléry has had a flawless career, creating surprise effects every time with high-level and perfectly recorded albums. This latest album, “Yann Solo,” is no exception, and at Bayou Blue Radio, we are particularly proud to support such artists with whom we share not only artistic values.
I would like to thank Yann for his kindness and immense talent, and the editorial teams of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio classify this album as “essential.”

Thierry Docmac
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, March 3rd 2023


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