Troy Roberts NU​-​JIVE – Live at Perth Jazz Festival (ENG review)

Troy Roberts Nu​-​Jive

Troy Roberts is quickly becoming one of the leading artists on the jazz scene. As a top-notch saxophonist, his name graces several essential recordings ranging from the legendary Joey DeFrancesco to the iconic Van Morrison, to the essential Jeff “Tain” Watts, the tireless jazz band Orrin Evans Captain Black Big Band, the critically acclaimed Kurt Elling, the stunning Veronica Swift, as well as many other jazz veterans and up-and-coming trendsetters of their generation.
And it’s no wonder that Troy Roberts (saxophone), accompanied by the spirited Tim Jago on guitar, Silvano Monasterios on keyboards & piano, Eric England on electric bass, and David Chiverton on drums & cymbals, takes you on a funky, danceable, and festive journey, even in the most intimate moments, to bounce back even better, making it a very… Bayou Blue Radio album that you will soon hear on our airwaves.
Troy Roberts, born in Australia and a longtime resident of New York, is also a prolific leader with fifteen albums to his credit. Currently celebrating his latest release, NU-JIVE: LIVE at the Perth International Jazz Festival, which is his fifteenth release and his very first live album, recorded at last year’s festival in Perth. Roberts states, “The music of NU-JIVE speaks to the universality of music, painting inclusive visions and sounds of the spirit, and the meeting of five creative souls.”
This extensive release – which essentially includes two full shows – is incredibly special for Roberts as it is rare for his American musical family to perform together in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia, at a beautiful festival that Roberts had the honor of presenting eleven years ago.
For those in their twenties in the 80s, you will find the same pleasure as the concerts of Spiro Gyra, Marcus Miller, or Miles of that time, that form of energy that transported and refined all of our tastes in music. However, this album is not an antique, it is refreshing and will appeal to jazz, funk, and rock enthusiasts alike, a sign of the quality of all these artists.
So, it’s no surprise that the editorial teams of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio have classified this album in the category of “Essential.”

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, April 18th 2023


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1. Funkafarian (Saturday Night) 10:38
2. Tribes & Tribulations (Saturday Night) 14:47
3. Big Night In (Saturday Night) 11:29
4. Sobrino (Saturday Night) 06:16
5. Through the Eyes of Psychoville (Saturday Night) 12:01
6. Convertible Burt (Sunday Night) 10:01
7. Fame & Four Tune (Sunday Night) 09:42
8. Band Intros (Sunday Night) 02:40
9. Mind Melder (Sunday Night) 08:41
10. Five Nations (Sunday Night) 05:52
11. Dream Station (Sunday Night) 14:26
12. Stoner (Sunday Night) 11:39

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