The Nimmons Tribute – Volume 2 Generational (ENG review)

Street date June 30th 2023
The Nimmons Tribute – Volume 2 Generational

Note: Generational by The Nimmons Tribute is the second volume of a tribute project honoring the legacy of Canadian jazz legend Phil Nimmons (O.C., O. Ont.), who celebrates his 100th birthday in 2023. This album breathes new life into Nimmons’ classic compositions with fresh arrangements by Sean Nimmons, Phil’s grandson, who is a pianist, arranger, and composer himself. Sean also contributes two beautiful original compositions to the album.
For this Toronto-based group, they pull out all the stops with an album that has a big band sound, so talkative that it intoxicates you like an excess of Dom Pérignon, gently euphoric without ever doing you harm. Discovering or rediscovering Nimmons’ music in this way is nothing short of a miracle. As much as his music can border on madness, there are also moments that force reflection and even admiration.
Generational features some of the best musicians in Canada, including several JUNO Award winners. The Nimmons Tribute, led by Sean, is a group composed of Phil’s colleagues, former students, friends, and family who have come together in a joyous celebration of Phil and his music.
Volume 2 – Generational builds upon the group’s first album while showcasing more of the diversity and breadth of Phil’s writing. This album is a more personal project for Sean Nimmons.
Volume 2 – Generational is an album that demands multiple listens to fully appreciate all the subtleties of its musical composition. At every moment, there is a profound sense of the art of melody, a magical staging of the instrumentation, a way of captivating the listener as if taking them by the hand to suggest the path.
The musicians who make up this group are remarkable in terms of the quality and delicacy of their playing. I invite you to learn more about them on this page: [link to the band’s website]. There, you will find web links to each musician, allowing you to make even more discoveries.
This album is a true “Coup de cœur” (favorite) of the editorial teams at Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio.

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, July 5th 2023


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