Sophie Alour – Le Temps virtuose (ENG review)

Music From Source / L'Autre Distribution – Street date October 13th 2023
Sophie Alour – Le Temps virtuose

For years, we have been trying to obtain Sophie Alour’s albums without success, due to distribution quirks. This time, however, this album was offered to us, allowing us to introduce you to this excellent saxophonist and composer. In addition to her successful solo career, she is also a part of the outstanding team of musicians surrounding the elegant Rhoda Scott and her Lady All Starr, who impress just about everyone.
“Le Temps virtuose” is a delightful and poetic blend that transports you through folk, jazz, and a rich tapestry of classical music influences. There’s an evident aesthetic pursuit here, where the beauty of art and intelligence interweave. The gentle sounds, sumptuous arrangements, and the opportunity for attentive listening make this album shine, without any artifice. It’s as if a storyteller is whispering the most beautiful adventures into your ear.
This is a delicate, sensitive, and touching musical universe that will surely appeal to our American readers. Each piece on this album is like a postcard from a city or a place, much like the way magazines depict the landscapes of France. It’s quite different from our friend, the composer and saxophonist Céline Bonacina, as it possesses a distinct culture. Here, you’ll be treated to beautiful moments with the flute, cello, guitar, and many other captivating elements, much like a museum to explore.
Yes, one can’t help but be charmed by an album like this, which carries the clear intentions of its creator. It plays with balance, offering its sensitivities, a touch of Africanness, and hints of Celtic influences that reinforce the melodic mysteries. You’ll have fun trying to decipher the origins of these images, and you’ll willingly lose yourself in them, much like exploring a city in an unknown country. If Sophie keeps winning awards, it’s no accident. She belongs to the small circle of remarkable artists in Europe, genuine and inspiring, with an impressive discography, and this album is particularly endearing.
If you’re in search of an authentic album, the editors of Bayou Blue and Paris-Move were immediately captivated by this work, bestowing upon it the “Indispensables” label. So, why not you? If your sensibilities lean toward romanticism, poetry, and travel, “Le Temps virtuose” will be your destiny…

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, October 14th 2023


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