Sofia Rubina – I Am Soul (ENG review)

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Sofia Rubina – I Am Soul (ENG review)

If there is a country that we hear little about, it is Estonia, a small country nestled between Finland and Latvia. Yet, it is here that a real talent in the world of jazz is hidden – the singer Sofia Rubina. With three albums already released and her fourth album, “I am Soul,” now available, her well-established career has taken her all over the world, from the famous Blue Note in New York to the corners of Asia and back.
First and foremost, there is a beautiful fusion of world music, R&B, and jazz in this album. It surprises from the very first track and compels me to give credit to all the musicians on this album for their outstanding artistic qualities: Sofia Rubina – Vocal, Evgeny Lebedev – Piano, Anton Revnyuk – Bass, Ignat Kravtsov – Drums, Main Strings – String quartet. Frankly, the atmospheres, compositions, and arrangements are of a very high standard, perfectly complementing Sofia’s vocal style. Pianist Evgeny Lebedev is responsible for the arrangements of this album, and I invite you to discover more about him HERE. With a production and collaboration record on numerous albums, his work is truly impressive.
With cleverness, there are moments of delicate string instrument parts on Sofia’s album, adding a charming touch to the overall atmosphere. Sofia Rubina is the kind of artist that we particularly appreciate on Bayou Blue Radio, thanks to her originality and the excellence of her work. Moreover, this album is easy to listen to, both profound and danceable, with a form of dramaturgy that, beyond the singer’s qualities, makes her a truly great performer.
Undoubtedly, a live performance by this ensemble must be impressive. For European artists, it is challenging to be recognized outside their homeland. Through this review, we hope to help Sofia Rubina gain recognition in the international press, as her work deserves. With “I am Soul,” we have enjoyed it as much as we did when Tania Maria’s album “Made in New York” was released. The beautiful energy and extraordinary performances of Sofia Rubina place her on the same level as artists of this caliber.
So, if, like the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, you appreciate innovation, originality, and quality music, you know what to do. In our opinion, this album falls into the category of our “Must-Haves.”

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, November 24th 2023


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1.Home (S.Rubina; M.Palm)
2.Taim (S.Rubina; M.Kärmas)
3.Morning Etude (R.Juurikas; S.Rubina)
4.Surgery (L.Spenser Smith and Testament)
5.Great Life (S.Rubina; M.Palm)
6.Unsung Song (S.Rubina; M.Palm)
7.I Can’t Make You Love Me (A.Shamblin ; M.Reid)
8.Someday (G.Duke)
9.Come To Your Senses (S.Rubina; M.Palm)
10.Stay True (S.Rubina; O.Kallson)
11.Open Your Eyes You Can Fly (Chick Corea, Neville Potter)

Sofia Rubina – Vocal
Evgeny Lebedev- Piano
Anton Revnyuk- Bass
Ignat Kravtsov- Drums
Main Strings – String quartet