Shrizz N Maze – Dope Frequency (ENG review)

Street date November 17th 2023
Shrizz N Maze – Dope Frequency (ENG review)

From Switzerland comes funk music that manages the feat of having collaborations with some of the best artists in this musical genre, including Amp Fiddler from Detroit (George Clinton) and Greg Boyer (Prince, Maceo Parker, etc.). Certainly surprising for our American friends, as this funk music here is clearly inspired by European pop/rock culture, which gives it a unique originality. We can only hope that such collaborations will give even more strength to the funk movement in the USA, as it is from these cultural differences that the arts generally evolve. It must be acknowledged that this album is a beautiful success in terms of blending cultures and arrangements.
If you’re not familiar with these artists, here is their biography:
– Eric “Shrizz” Rohner was born and initially grew up in Africa before returning to his home country, Switzerland, at the age of 10. Inspired by P-Funk and jazz, he quickly joined the Malka Family, a famous Parisian group, which led to other projects such as Gréements de Fortune and HornDogz. His talents have led him to collaborate with world stars like George Clinton, Jimmy Cliff, Dave Stewart, Tony Allen, Omar, and Judith Hill.
– Maze Kuenzler was born in Berne, Switzerland, where he still resides. From adolescence, the guitarist of the Flying Hats stood out with his virtuoso playing. Today, Maze plays with the troubadour-guerrillas Tomazobi, with Sam Snitchy, performs as The Ice Cream Man in a solo project, and has accompanied artists such as Dee Day Dub, Seven, Müslüm, Trummer, and Edita Abdieski.
Shrizz and Maze met in 1999 as part of Ineffect, a Bernese funk band, and continued, after the group’s dissolution, to leverage their mutual understanding in joint experiments, thus creating the foundations for their first album, “Dope Frequency,” which has finally seen the light of day.
As you can see, these two artists have serious references that allow them to venture boldly into this musical style that honors African American artists who are its inventors and who have given it all its distinction. It’s a risk, especially because what’s admirable in this album is its originality. The foundations are firmly rooted in funk, and some of the arrangements might even remind you of certain albums by The Beatles or other artists. As a result, you’ll find yourself playing the album on repeat, a source of genuine pleasure. This album will make you want to listen and dance, and with the holiday season approaching, it will certainly make a great gift for a loved one. For Bayou Blue Radio, it’s a lovely discovery that narrowly missed entering our “Essentials,” mainly due to what we consider slightly subpar mastering, which does not diminish its qualities.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, October 25th 2023


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