Sergio Perreira – Bossa+ (ENG review)

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Sergio Perreira – Bossa+ (ENG review)

Bossa is a Brazilian art often imitated, rarely equaled, and what could be better than when one of the greatest Brazilian composer/guitarists ventures into jazz and creates a form of Bossa-Jazz that actually creates a bossa in augmented reality, hence the name of this album ‘Bossa+’. Freshly awarded at the 2024 World Entertainment Awards in Hollywood for ‘Finesse’, elected ‘Best Tropical Album’, guitarist-composer Sergio Pereira is back with more soothing sounds to uplift the soul. Once again, by combining elements of bossa nova, samba, jazz, and pop into an enjoyable ensemble, Pereira’s latest offering comes straight from the heart. As he said, BOSSA+ is an album that reflects the music and sounds stemming from my life experiences, influences, sounds, and places.”

Listening to this album, it’s impossible not to think of the great João Gilberto, who continues to haunt me and tell me that we have here an album quite close to this artist, but planted in very current arrangements. The album cover does not reflect at all the quality of what is found inside. Originally from Rio de Janeiro and currently split between Spain and Austria, Pereira is an accomplished musician who has mastered the art of fingerpicking on a nylon-string acoustic guitar, the heart of bossa nova as established by his models like João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, João Donato, and Marcus Valle. As he explained, ‘Growing up in Rio in the 60s and 70s greatly contributed to the energy, groove, and rhythms reflected in my music today.’ After moving to New York in the 80s, Pereira expanded his guitar vocabulary by studying with jazz greats Chuck Wayne and Sal Salvador, giving him the ability to ‘play over changes’ in a typically jazzy sense. Both qualities – the seductive playing on a nylon-string guitar and improvisations on a single note – come together on BOSSA+, his fourth recording as a leader.

Most likely, this album is poised to be the favorite of major jazz radios here in North America this summer because it has everything going for it: a production of very high quality, sounding like a benchmark album even though it’s just been released, with sweet and catchy tunes, a poetic form as bossa knows how to provide when perfectly set to music by top-notch musicians. Sergio Pereira on guitar, Cici Chachon on trumpet and flugelhorn, Luis Guerra on piano & keyboard, Ariel Ramirez on bass, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums, and some brilliant guests. This album was recorded in Spain and mixed in the USA by David Darlington, and the result is truly top-notch. We often see very good artists tackling this genre of music, but when one does not possess Brazilian culture, while it may be possible to manage vocally, musically it’s another story, because one must possess that know-how, and in this game, only great Brazilian artists like Sergio Pereira are capable of playing with our emotions and giving us that joy when listening to an album of this kind. The category of ‘Essential’ is naturally attributed to such an album because unless one is completely indifferent to Brazilian music, this album is likely to be a reference of its kind in our time.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, May 9th 2024

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