Sean Taylor – Short Stories (ENG review)

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Sean Taylor

If you’ve been listening to Bayou Blue Radio for many years, Sean Taylor is one of the few white blues artists we broadcast. Why? The reason is simple: this artist never tries to be anything other than himself, possesses a broad musical culture, and his previous albums are there to prove it. He is to England what Eliza Gilkyson is to folk music in the USA—both are artists in love with words, for whom the word “Art” has meaning.
Is Sean Taylor’s music blues? Sometimes, but not throughout this album, where Sean positions himself as a storyteller. So, we settle in, listen, captivated by the beauty of his lyrics and his way of telling them. Far from a desperate Tom Waits, there is a kind of mischief in his narratives and his voice, a way of sliding over the notes, a simplicity in his music, and sometimes an atmosphere that could take us to a pub late at night where we would see Sean Taylor, guitar in hand, ending the evening with some friends. Sometimes engaged, drawing on his moments of life, sometimes undoubtedly a myriad of internal feelings, as on the track “Wildflower,” a love song, probably with a quirky and personal vision. In short, we love it, clowning around on Mona Lisa, unless it’s to avoid plunging us into a depth that would quickly become unbearable.
Now that Bayou Blue Radio is establishing itself in the USA, we don’t forget the best European artists, whether in jazz, blues, or folk. Sean Taylor is a reference for honest and committed art, and we would love to see him on stage here, especially since this new album doesn’t require a big instrumental setup. So, when will it be in the USA?
Often compared to other artists, I won’t take that path. For me, Sean Taylor is an original artist, sincere with his own musical and vocal definition. Listening to this album, one can particularly imagine the long hours of writing, moments of observation, and the way Sean seems to enjoy most situations. That’s all it takes to make this album a “must-have,” labeled by Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, November 21st 2023


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