SEAN TAYLOR – Flood & Burn reviews

Blues, Folk

This young man had already pulled out all the stops with his first album, and was given the ‘Coup de Cœur’ mark by the Paris-Move editorial team. He then followed on with some very classy albums, two of them receiving a ‘Must’, the top mark from the Paris-Move team: ‘Walk with me’ and ‘Love against Death’.
This just shows that, from our first meeting in a pub in a London suburb, we were right about this young troubadour and his incredible talent as a songwriter, a talent which shines through in this new album. Sean Taylor is not just a songwriter of international stature, he is also a great singer who can undoubtedly rub shoulders with the likes of Bob Dylan or Neil Young. It is not just about being super talented, he also has what it takes which makes all the difference. You only need to listen to the first track, ‘Codeine Dreams’ and it’s like you have been hit by lightning. Everything is here, really EVERYTHING!
Of course, the 12 tracks of this album do not all sound the same as the phenomenal ‘Codeine Dreams’, and that is great… but each one has the same authenticity and integrity, and you can hear it in each note, each word sung by Sean Taylor. However, do not expect something you can dance along to as Sean is one of those artists who reveals his heart and soul through his songs. All very privately, all very beautifully.
The arrangements in the twelve tracks are little nuggets of perfection and the guest musicians show their presence very naturally, very discreetly. They step back and forth when needed, not unlike the song writing and arrangements of a Neil Young at his best, like in ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ and ‘Cinnamon Girl’.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sean Taylor remains on the road he has taken ever since I first saw him perform years ago in a pub in a London suburb, long before his first album was released, a beautiful straight road which leads to the most glorious sun: that of recognition. Recognition of the most amazing talent from this lone wolf, who doesn’t need a pack to prove himself. Simply the talent of a ‘Loner’.
And if I go back to what I wrote following the release of ‘Love against Death’, and which is still true today: “We can only be in awe of the quality of such work. Thank you to the Artist!”
This album is a Must, an absolute Must!
Frankie Pfeiffer
Editor in Chief
Listen to “Codeine Dreams”
Many years ago, Neil Young released an album, which since then has become a reference, it was “After The Gold Rush”. I must admit that with ‘Flood & Burn’, I have just discovered a little gem of the same carat weight. You can’t help but be bowled over!
Sean Taylor, the talented guitar-piano player- singer- songwriter, presents his eighth album, which is simply excellent. The orchestrations are luminous, the melodies magnificent, and the tone of voice fits perfectly with the texts. The artist has written 11 of the 12 tracks, the only cover being the superb ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ immortalised by you know who. This cover alone is worth purchasing this album, since it rings so Bluesy and it is so different!
The musicians accompanying Sean Taylor stay in the background whilst being terribly efficient. The addition of brass instruments gives a dreamlike atmosphere: Joe Morales on saxophone, Mark Hallman on bass guitar, Hammond organ, drums and electric guitar, Jaimee Harris and Eliza Gilkyson in backing vocals. Andre Moran plays guitar, Ephraim Owens trumpet, Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen’s band) on double bass in ‘Troubadour’, Mike Hardwick on pedal steel guitar and Hana Piranha on violin in ‘Bad Case Of The Blues’.
It’s both Folk and Blues with sometimes a little bit of Country. Anyway, it is all great, and you can’t help wondering where this nice young man has gone to find all this. In fact, he went to Austin, Texas to record the album and that is the result you get! I am sure that with this new album, we will get to see Sean Taylor perform many times in France. Let’s hope so as we have not seen enough of him here.
A great, really great album, a reference on a par with “After The Gold Rush”, so it is a Must!
Dominique Boulay
Paris-Move & Blues Magazine (Fr)