Rachel Therrien – Mi Hogar (ENG review)

World Jazz

Composer, trumpet player and conductor, Canadian Rachel Therrien showcases her talent through this album featuring a unique blend of world jazz and Latino music. A testament to her work with expert musicians from New York, Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.
“Mi Hogar,” which translates to “my home” in Spanish, is a special release for Therrien, who has honed her skills playing in Latino jazz ensembles over the years. The title of the album is a nod to the many places Therrien has called home throughout her life, from her family and friends to her travels.
The album was assembled from international recording sessions, showcasing Therrien’s agility in navigating between her culture and Latin cultures, primarily Cuban. Her years of playing with various groups and sharing the stage with musicians such as Tony Allen, Pedrito Martinez, Claudio Roditi, Billy Drummond, Anat Cohen, and Arturo O’Farrill have shaped her unique and fascinating style.
The album invites the listener on a journey of discovery, making them question the influence of travel and sharing on artistic pursuits and the way sounds, colors, rhythms are perceived. The compositions and Therrien’s remarkable interpretation showcase how an artist can transcend their impressions through creation and composition.
The album features an army of incredible artists, including Michel Medrano Bindis on drums, Miguel de Armas, Julian Gutierrez, Gabriel Chakarji, Manuel Valera, Danae Olano, and Willy Soto Barreto on piano, giving the album a festive feel.
For these reasons, Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio have designated “Mi Hogar” as “Indispensable.”

Thierry Docmac
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, February 3rd 2023


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