Myles Wright – Gamer (ENG review)

Street date : February 5th 2024
Myles Wright - Gamer (ENG review)

Myles Wrigt is an Australian composer who has been passionate about video games since his pre-adolescence. Many years later, the young Myles, now grown up and a very talented composer, immerses himself again in the sounds of Nintendo consoles from his youth. It must be admitted that the sound of early video games was often minimalist and quite horrible.
Myles Wright’s story reveals that he had a half-brother who was also passionate about video games. Through a friend, he discovers the Super Famicom, which was equipped with an audio chip developed by Sony that worked independently of the rest of the machine, revolutionizing the sound capabilities of games at that time. Myles wanted to introduce lesser-known video game music to audiences, and he took inspiration from jazz orchestral style to create his album “Gamer.” In this album, he revisits some titles from games like Plok!, Prince of Persia, Super Mario, among others, and his approach gives them a classical and film music-like quality, which may be considered too extravagant for modern video games but perfect for these classic tunes.
Myles regrets not being able to obtain certain game music licenses, which likely limited the number of tracks on the album. However, the CD contains 16 breathtakingly orchestrated pieces that can be described as reimagined and meticulously arranged. Such creative work involves taking sounds out of their original context and reinterpreting them without degradation, and in this regard, Myles Wright is an expert. Although the arrangements are appealing, some may observe a lack of originality in the treatment of the works, resulting in a sound more akin to classical music than jazz. This is the reason why you won’t hear this album on Bayou Blue Radio, which, like the editors at Paris-Move, classifies this album as one of their “favorites.”

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 19th 2024


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