Matthieu Saglio – Voices (ENG review)

ACT – available April 28th 2023
World Jazz
Matthieu Saglio - Voices:

This is a beautiful tribute to voices, the voices of the world, and it’s through these voices that we are intoxicated and amazed… Susana Baca, Alim Qasimov, Natacha Atlas, Nils Landgren, Wasis Diop, Anna Colom, Camille Saglio Vega, and Tomás. And on the musical side, we have of course Matthieu Saglio on cello and vocals, Steve Shehan on percussion and drums, Christian Belhomme on piano and keys, and Léo Ullmann on violin.
Although this is a very elaborate jazz album, there are moments where ethnic aspects are artfully blended in, and Nils Landgren’s participation on the track “For the Love That We Feel” is just a moment of pure happiness. From start to finish, this album is as enjoyable to listen to as some of the great pop albums of the 80s. The choice of singers is particularly appropriate, and the arrangements are stunningly beautiful.
“Divina Tormenta” is another beautiful track gracefully performed by Anna Colom, and everything is perfect right up to the last song. It’s often on this kind of album that the German label excels, when it knows how to blend cultures to bring out the best in them, and no one speaks better about it than Matthieu Saglio:
“With this album, I wanted to pay tribute to the voices of the world, of men, women, of all ages, and languages… the voice as the essence of humanity, which both differentiates each individual and at the same time unites and brings us together. With the wonderful musicians of my quartet, their creativity and generosity, and the cello as the guiding thread of this adventure, I composed tailor-made pieces, dreaming of each of the guests and imagining their worlds meeting mine. It was an immense happiness when the dreams became reality. My heartfelt gratitude to the beautiful energies that surround me and always the desire to continue searching for beauty, emotion, and human communion. I hope ‘Voices’ will make you vibrate, sing, dance, and cry…”
And it does. This excellent album takes us through all states of mind without us being able to turn away from it because it invites us to travel, to listen, to question what we truly love, and of course, to dance, because the catchy rhythms make us whirl. Therefore, it is under its charm that the teams of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio have classified this album in the highly appreciated series of “Indispensables.”

Thierry Docmac
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, March 29th 2023


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