Marius Van Den Brink – New York Knock (ENG review)

Highline Music NYC – Street date January 15th 2024

It is not uncommon for European musicians to split their lives between Europe and the USA, usually in the urban jazz cauldron of New York. The result is always music with a complex architecture, to the point that in this case, Marius Van Den Brink is compared by the trumpeter and composer Sean Jones to the writing of Horace Silver. Indeed, rhythmically and in terms of compositions and arrangements, we find ourselves in a highly written, even intellectual creation that demands deep listening. It’s impossible to listen to this album while doing something else; there is so much to hear, analyze, and understand in this musical tapestry to fully enjoy it.
“New York Knock” features musicians Sean Jones, Stacy Dillard, Matt Penman, Willie Jones III, and Keita Ogawa. Additionally, several special guests such as Maurice Brown and Ara Dinkjian make appearances throughout the album. Ten tracks serve as ten paintings, giving the impression of strolling through the streets of New York—certainly the reason for the album’s title. Regardless of where you live, simply close your eyes while listening to this album, and you can travel wherever you wish. Its poetic aspect is probably the reason for this.
In March 2023, Marius recorded a new studio album titled “New York Knock” as well as a live album at Dizzy’s Club, Jazz at Lincoln Center. The studio album will be accompanied by an album release concert at Dizzy’s Club on January 14, 2024. “New York Knock” is a timeless album that wisely chose to showcase acoustic instruments. It could have existed twenty years earlier or twenty years later, shining with its qualities. Similar to listening to recordings of Chet Baker or Charlie Parker today, one is surprised from track to track. The progression of the tracks is impressive, and it’s easy to imagine the stage unfolding for this group. Honestly, we would love to attend the album release concert.
Marius Van Den Brink manages to set aside his European culture, producing a very New York album. One would have to be crazy not to appreciate it, not to salute his talent as a composer and arranger. “New York Knock” becomes one of the new “Essentials” selected by the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move. As you can see, 2024 is off to a strong start!

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 3rd 2024


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Marius Van Den Brink – Piano/Rhodes (5, 8)/ Organ (6)/ Guitar (3)
Stacy Dillard – Saxophone
Sean Jones – Trumpet
Matt Penman – Double Bass
Willie Jones III – Drums
Keita Ogawa – Percussion

Special Guests:
Michael Valeanu – Guitar(3,6)
Maurice ‘Mobetta’ Brown – Trumpet(6)
Taulant Mehmeti – Guitar(8)
Robert Edwards – Trombone(8)
Ara Dinkjian – Oud(9)
Ismail Lumanovski – Clarinet(9)
Tamer Pinarbasi – Kanun(9)
Panagiotis Andreou – Electric Bass(9)
Engin Kaan Gunaydin – Drums(9)

All compositions by Marius Van Den Brink
Recorded by Chris Benham at Big Orange Sheep, BK on 10/15/23
Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recording
Album photography and design by Mariana Meraz
Video recording and editing by Yardbird Entertainment
Produced by Marius Van Den Brink and Highline Music NYC
Published by HighLine Music NYC offic.