Mariah Parker – Windows Through Time (ENG review) records – Street Date June 14th2024
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Mariah Parker - Windows Through Time (ENG review)

Very often, the shipments we receive from Kari-on productions are sources of wonder with refreshing colors, as is the case here with this album by composer Mariah Parker, whose upcoming project “Windows Through Time” is a true delight of blended cultures and elegance. From the first track, universes mingle with lightness, between Brazil, Spain, or India, with hints of Cuban rhythms, creating an astonishing cocktail of jazz-world-fusion—charming, as Cyrano de Bergerac would have said, complex, fleeting, synthetic, and visionary! And I say this with a smile, as I have fallen under the charm of this album for all its artistic qualities, for which we must thank all the excellent musicians who contributed to this project.

Here is how Mariah Parker presents her project, where others might drown us in words, Mariah gets to the point: “As a composer, my work explores the intersection between contemporary jazz and musical cultures from Brazil, Cuba, India, and Spain. Drawing inspiration from indigenous traditions as well as evolving forms, my goals are to highlight the diverse practices that enrich our world and to create a fully integrated and inspiring contribution to our shared cultures.”

This way of speaking reflects how Mariah Parker writes her music and manages arrangements, never falling into the trap of imitating one artist or another. She gets to the essence, whether in rhythms or harmonies, leaving a magical space for expression for each of her musicians. They all seem very comfortable in this exercise; sometimes, after several listens, I even felt the same pleasure as with some of Carlos Santana’s past albums.

Undoubtedly, the feminine aspect of the composer offers very poetic melodies. Parker’s mastery as a composer and conductor has been further strengthened by her performances at festivals in the United States and Europe. Her discography began with the highly acclaimed “Sangria” in February 2009, followed by “Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert” in 2017, which enjoyed 16 weeks of success on the National Jazzweek Airplay chart. Both albums were celebrated worldwide for their innovative soundscapes and compositional brilliance.

Mariah Parker still possesses these recognized qualities; one does not emerge unscathed from listening to this album. It is not just a cultural experience; it is also an extraordinary musical adventure. The album cover does not reveal the beauty or complexity of the compositions. If you lend your ear to a deep listening, you may even recognize jazz influences as well as classical music influences. For me, this is one of the most beautiful and surprising albums of this year 2024, which is full of extraordinary creations, to the point, as you might imagine, of becoming “Indispensable” and immediately becoming “Indispensable” to all of you who love culture, travel, and beautiful compositions.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, May 3rd 2024

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