Margot Sergent – Douce France / Sweet France (ENG review)

Street Date December 8th 2023
Margot Sergent - Douce France / Sweet France (ENG review)

Here is a timeless album that you won’t hear on Bayou Blue Radio because it doesn’t fit our programming criteria. However, it could be a lovely gift for your grandparents who probably know these songs in both French and English.
Margot is a harpist and singer, and one can easily imagine the challenge of combining the harp with jazz. This is already an accomplishment in itself. Add to that a very beautiful voice worth noting, and the result is a truly charming ensemble. When I tell you that your grandparents can have fun with this album, take a look at the tracklist:
1.Keep the Moon In Mind 3:54 – M. Sergent
2.Douce France 3:31 – C. Trenet
3.The Apartment Next Door 4:58 – M. Sergent
4.I Wish You Love 4:33 – C. Trenet, A. Beach
5.Little Miracle 3:24 – M. Sergent
6.La Bohème 4:01 – C. Aznavour
7. Dans Tes Bras Mon Ange 4:00 – M.Sergent
8.La Rua Madureira 3:36 – N. Ferrer
9.Silent Steps 3:01 – M. Sergent
10.L’Hymne à l’Amour 4:42 – M. Monnot, É. Piaf
11.Saudade 2:53 – M. Sergent

To be honest, what I love most about this album are the tracks composed by Margot Sergent. They have a poetic quality that blends perfectly with her harp, and even in terms of lyrics, her personal universe speaks to me much more than her covers. To the point where I dream that Margot Sergent quickly releases an album with her own compositions, especially since she is not only an excellent harpist but also an excellent singer.
In any case, she is an artist to follow, because when judging this album, I focused on her original compositions. Admittedly, having been born in a time when FM radio did not exist in France, I can no longer tolerate those French songs that played on a loop to the point where I could no longer appreciate a note on the rare radios that existed at that time.
What Margot Sergent brings to the entire album is a form of joy, almost naivety that softens all the tracks. Furthermore, her original compositions have a fun “musical theater” aspect, and the arrangements are often quite close to world music.
So, this album “Douce France/ Sweet France”, to be taken as a small joy, outside of time, which would not have been the case if it had been composed solely of Margot’s compositions. So, for the reviews of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, this album is a favorite, and please Margot, come back to us soon with your personal compositions, forget the covers, because you clearly have beautiful things to offer us with your own talent.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, November 28th 2023


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