Malted Milk – 1975 (ENG review)

Mojo Hand Records / L’Autre Distribution – Street Date February 23th 2024
Soul blues
Malted Milk – 1975 (ENG review)

Two dates to remember, February 23, which will be the release day of the album “1975” (Arnaud Fradin’s birthdate) and the title of Malted Milk’s new album. If there are a few common points between Arnaud Fradin and myself, it is our passion for African American culture. For him, it’s clearly Soul Music and Blues; for me, it’s jazz and American cinema. Each Malted Milk album is flawless. This collective of excellent musicians gives me the strange impression of being in the studios of Stax Records or Motown. Over the years, Arnaud Fradin’s voice has gained depth, and the arrangements have grown in magnitude with abundant choirs, brass, and guitar riffs that engulf you from head to toe. But that’s not all, now it’s time to dance!
From the creation of the original blues duo (guitar and harmonica) in 1997 to the formation of an 11-member band during the 2016 Milk & Green tour, the group has experimented with different formations (quartet, quintet) until settling on its current seven-member lineup. Regardless, the effectiveness of these French musicians is undeniable. Nantes or Paris are too small for a group of this caliber, which would fill venues here in the USA and probably receive enticing collaboration offers from great soul or funk artists fairly quickly.
Malted Milk is a state of mind, reflected in both their lyrics and music—love, generosity. Their music is a reflection of their concerts, and this new album, “1975,” is proof of their beautiful evolution and extraordinary cohesion as a group. “I’m Possible” is a perfect example. Malted Milk has its own sound, a genuine skill honed with passion throughout the years. This new album is the result of all those years of performing, not just the visible successes but also the more modest stages, diverse encounters, and, of course, the joy of seeing the audience’s eyes light up at every concert.
Few European bands venture down the path of such musical success, such as this particular style. Only in recent years have we seen French artists like Thomas Kahn achieve such a high musical level through hard work. Malted Milk has enlisted the services of Italian guitarist and singer Marco Cinelli, a member of the group The Cinelli Brothers, for this new album—a great idea that gives this CD a unique touch. And for those who might find eight tracks a bit short, they underestimate the band’s live performances, where they extend certain songs to the audience’s sheer delight.
On Bayou Blue Radio, we play very little blues and soul music—only the best, those capable of making us resonate eternally. Malted Milk belongs to that group, standing strong alongside the Stax or Motown albums in our lineup, not even clashing amidst a very sophisticated jazz programming. This should give you an idea of the quality of these musicians, who once again deliver an essential album.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, February 21st 2024


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