Les Trois Lezards – Gli Uomini Poetici (ENG review)

Dodicilune: Street date June 27th 2023
Chanson, World Jazz
Les Trois Lezards – Gli Uomini Poetici

Here is a very funny album, unclassifiable, a bit of jazz, a bit of Balkan music or waltz, French songs, featuring Emmanuel Ferrari (already behind the project Les Troublamours), as well as the three Apulians Giovanni Chirico (alto and baritone saxophone, vocals), Giorgio Distante (tuba, trumpet, euphonium, vocals), and Roberto Chiga (tambourine, bass drum, vocals). They offer ten original songs of popular music from the hypothetical country of Tadjiguinia.
Yes, we are in an imaginary country where the art of musical juggling blends with verbal juggling. However, the compositions are accessible to all, joyful and danceable. “In this state of mind, we don’t speak Tadjiguin but Italese, Franciano, L’autre-salentino, Le gattico, Le mélodique… and above all, we play,” say the four musicians. “There is a non-prince prince who lives there, Ninour the main vagabond. Ninour has many Tadjiguin stories to tell, like the love story with Carmelina or Gino’s journey, the ’emigatto.’ Ninour recounts the oceanic intoxication of Théodule the tightrope walker and the encounter with Magda the trapeze artist, the passion for aromatic herbs of Leone the wise dwarf, and the unfortunate love of Gino. And then he explains, to those who know how to listen, why there are no politicians in Tadjiguinia, but poetic men.”
Yes, languages blend between French and Italian, we get caught up, we get lost… Delightfully so, because beyond everything that could be said on the subject, there is a musical and theatrical work that is somewhat close to pantomime in this Franco-Italian project, where the aesthetic exploration touches both the lyrics and the music. We let ourselves be carried away on this adventure like acrobats, eager to follow this small troupe between towns and villages, to embark on an adventure, yes! What a beautiful adventure this album is, which, as you may have understood, will particularly interest those of you for whom art is an essential value. We find remarkable musicians and artists such as Emmanuel Ferrari on accordion and vocals, Giovanni Chirico on baritone and alto saxophone and vocals, Giorgio Distante on tuba, trumpet, euphonium, and vocals, and Roberto Chiga on tambourine, bass drum, and vocals, who will captivate you in an instant.
And since you will certainly be interested in this production, here are the details:
Produced by Les Trois Lézards and Maurizio Bizzochetti, Gabriele Rampino, Dodicilune, Italy. Label manager: Maurizio Bizzochetti (www.dodicilune.it). Recorded on April 5th and 6th, 2023 at Dodicilune Studio, Lecce, Italy. Mixed and mastered in April and May 2023 at No Fake Records, Lecce, Italy. Sound Engineer: Marco D’Agostinis. Photos by Ilenia Tesoro. Contact: les-trois-lezards.webnode.it, facebook.com/lestroislezards.
The editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move have added the CD “Gli Uomini Poetici” to the pile of… “Indispensable”.

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
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PARIS-MOVE, June 20th 2023