Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient (ENG review)

Street Date October 6th 2023
Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient (ENG review)

When the beauty of sounds surpasses the beauty of words, it’s the golden thread upon which this trio sails on a radiant and sunny sea… The Jesse Dietschi Trio travels along a continuum between modern jazz and contemporary chamber music, adjusting their position as they navigate through compositions that blend these styles. The album’s progression invites the listener on a journey, transitioning from the sonic landscapes of modern jazz to the aesthetics of chamber music and back again.
One can fully understand what this trio is about by looking at a portion of Jesse Dietschi’s biography. He is an internationally touring jazz artist and recording musician, while also being a prominent additional musician with both the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Opera Company. Joined by pianist Ewen Farncombe and drummer Ethan Ardelli, the compositions featured in “Gradient” draw inspiration from Dietschi’s extensive training in jazz and orchestral music, creating rich and colorful auditory narratives that explore a range of emotional responses.
In contrast to European groups that often delve too deeply into classical music, here it is present with a light touch. There’s a literary quality to this music, ranging from the novel to the poetry collection. In terms of composition, multiple doors are open to explore, and there’s a hint of nostalgia in this music, akin to the feeling when leaving a place one has particularly enjoyed. There’s no doubt that Jesse Dietschi’s diverse musical experiences have enriched his approach to musical composition and arrangements, achieving the rare feat of creating music that is densely layered yet remains accessible.
The rhythm is also distinctive at times, reflecting cultural differences. In the Americas, it’s not Europe, and here, there’s groove at every turn, and even some rock influences in the approach. It’s a whole that defines each member here, and if you’re attuned to the culture, it permeates and sweeps you away, just as this album does, leaving you with the sense of having gained something intellectually and feeling happy.
I can hear you saying, “But surely he must know this group”? No, I assure you, but when surrounded by so many fabulous musical offerings, one feels like soaring, which doesn’t make me an angel, just a culture enthusiast who has made it his profession. So, do we recommend this album to you? Yes. Is it a “must-have” for the Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move editorial teams? Do I really need to tell you…

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, September 22nd 2023


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