Jean-Pierre Como – Com O Paradis (ENG review)

Paradis Improvisé / L’autre Distribution
Classique, Jazz
Jean-Pierre Como – Com O Paradis

Jean-Pierre Como, the extraordinary pianist, is capable of taking us on a journey through parallel universes without us finding fault, here in a contemplative work that allows us to appreciate the musician’s entire technique.
All of his inspirations are found here, from classical to Latin to jazz, etc…
Com O Paradis recalls in many ways certain works by Satie, with the same way of managing silences to bounce back better, the same poetic license, so much so that when he takes up, not to say rewrites a work like Over The Rainbow, one wonders if it is not a new composition, so emotional is the charge provided by Jean-Pierre Como’s arrangements and interpretation that could bring a tear to your eye. The album is designed in this way, like scenes from a film or a novel, a door opens onto what is certainly the artist’s most intimate work, so we get caught up in the game, taking the time to settle into each setting where our brain becomes an actor, where we take pleasure in slipping in, where we would like to stop time based on what we feel.
Yes, Jean-Pierre Como is certainly one of the greatest pianists and composers currently in Europe, he can do anything, we can only agree with his ability to make the art of melody resonate and play with it to the point of joyfully disturbing us or being in a space that only time can define without any verticality.
An outstanding musician, already in the time of Sixun, just for the pleasure we talk again here about some of his prestigious artistic collaborations with Michael Brecker, Didier Lockwood, Stefano di Battista, Jean-Luc Ponty, André Ceccarelli, Paco Sery, Paolo Fresu, Aldo Romano, Hugh Coltman and many other artists, so many reasons that should lead you to buy this sumptuous album that will be a landmark in your music collection. The Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio editorial staffs place this album in the category of must-haves.

Thierry Docmac
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, March 2nd 2023


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