Jazzrausch Big Band – Malher’s Break Down

ACT – Street date November 10th 2023
Jazzrausch Big Band - Malher’s Break Down

The poor Gustave Mahler must be turning in his grave with such a hyper-commercial arrangement that completely distorts his work. We can understand that record companies will do anything to sell, but in this case, it will only appeal to the German techno scene, which is very broad and will probably find some interest in it.
Certainly, the Big Band is filled with wonderful musicians who play perfectly, but not everything can be done with anything. Many other artists on the AC label have tackled classical music to create jazz works with real talent and without distorting the original pieces. Here, with these disco sausage fair-style rhythms to please the probably sensation-seeking thirty-somethings, it’s just repugnant and degrading, a real shame. The massacre continues until the last track. I imagine that after hearing what other jazz labels have done in terms of modernism, they felt like spreading their wings, but it’s just making fun of the world, and primarily Gustave Mahler, who unfortunately isn’t here to defend himself. If the ACT label thought that taking this magnificent Big Band to make this concoction was a good idea, it’s just a lamentable failure.
An album that I wouldn’t even rate. I would recommend it for electro music enthusiasts, but for others, just move along. As for me, I’m going to cleanse my ears with some Joe Zawinul, to get back to real music and real creativity, far away from this ultra-commercial bling-bling.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, September 10th 2023


Available: Beethoven’s Breakdown by the Jazzrausch Big Band