“Intuitions”, The Fruitful Album by Nicolas Parent

L’Autre Distribution – Available March 31, 2023

We have been following this composer and guitarist for years because Nicolas Parent is always on the lookout for the world and travels and perfectly gathers notes here and there like an tireless walker, adding a beautiful dose of poetry to his compositions.
In this adventure, he invited Yom (clarinets), Pierre Durand (guitar), and Kentaro Suzuki (double bass) to his table, everything we need to invite us to experience his adventures through 12 equally delicious compositions. Total change of scenery, it is evident if we stick to the titles of this album, Nicolas takes us through paintings, landscapes, sometimes with a touch of nostalgia as on the title Bambino, with his melodies he knows how to move us, make us laugh or dance, we let ourselves be carried away in this delicate whirlwind of notes, as we would be caught by a Scorcese film, there are here intangible materials, magical moments, children’s dreams, moments of life… There are skies, suns of flowers and… fruits, his fruits produced by these four excellent artists who bring us dreams and hope in a period that badly needs it.
What a journey travelled by Nicolas Parent since his album Moments in 2013, this fourth album is undoubtedly the one that most resembles him, it is evident that he has succeeded here in placing all his ideas, his desires, and this quartet of musicians is certainly happily responsible, with their inventiveness and risk-taking, and the result is there…
This album is one of the beautiful surprises of European creation with this moment of ecstasy on the title Halo, magical duo between Nicolas Parent and Pierre Durand, another magical moment with Izu, in duo with double bassist Kentaro Suziki, so if you are sensitive to beautiful compositions, musicians outside the norm who take you into their dreams, be tempted by this album, these are the recommendations of the Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio editorial teams, which place this album in the “Indispensable” category.

Thierry Docmac
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, February 8th 2023


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