Ileana Mottola (feat. Joel Holmes) – Cool Life

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Ileana Mottola (feat. Joel Holmes) – Cool Life

Here is a magnificent vocal album by the Italian singer and composer Ileana Mottola, accompanied by the American pianist Joel Holmes, Francesco Puglisi on double bass, and Alessandro D’Anna on drums. The “chiaroscuro” encounter between American pianist Joel Holmes and Italian singer Ileana Mottola evokes an intense effect born from the spontaneity of things that seem destined. Words are carefully placed between the notes of compositions crafted by the skilled hands of one who perpetuates the tradition of the great American jazz school, enriching it with multifaceted stylistic details; the voice touches deep chords of the human soul, and the piano tells stories. Certainly, we are within a relatively classical jazz style, but not exclusively, as the compositions are very contemporary, just like the form of interpretation proposed by Ileana Mottola. The originality between two artists so culturally different adds to the charm of this album, which is filled with very sophisticated arrangements that make it unique. There is even a kinetic aspect that immerses us in the atmosphere of a 1950s film noir shot today, meaning this album has a profound artistic vision.

Ileana Mottola and Joel Holmes represent the fusion of two forms of art and culture as broad as they are different, intertwining as if seeking to artistically enchant each other, and it works wonderfully. Ileana Mottola is a performer, author, composer, vocologist, vocal technique teacher, and radio host. She has been an English and jazz music history professor at the Conservatory of Music of Potenza and is currently an English professor at the Conservatory of Trapani. Originally from Salerno, she graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures, later earning a first-level degree in Improvised Jazz Music and Extracolte at the State Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Martucci” in Salerno, as well as a specialized biennium in Jazz Singing at the Conservatory of Avellino. Ileana Mottola also hosts radio shows.

“Cool Life” is designed for the stage, with its quartet format and chosen titles, making it easy to imagine these artists at upcoming festivals in both Europe and the USA. Diverse and varied audiences will all be able to appreciate and enjoy this kind of concert. It is also appreciated that Ileana Mottola successfully combines technique with a very personal form of interpretation. She is one of the most interesting European artists to discover urgently, and this vocal album is indispensable for any genre enthusiast who loves beautiful voices and exceptional musicians.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, June 22nd 2024

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