World Jazz

The name of the trio, already, announces the color, if I dare say: Homeland with an “s” in parentheses… That is to say both a very precise anchorage, but also several less precise anchorages, therefore several places, precisely. Which can only be suitable for those who are stateless and who do not particularly have a home base. Besides, isn’t it the nature of music to not be linked, attached, fixed somewhere…? An open territory devoid of artistic dictate. A place where the diverse influences of the three musicians merge and combine: jazz, Hindustani music and world music. A tasty mixture, a cocktail with subtle and sumptuous colors at the same time. Lori is the sixth album by Mathieu Marthouret, who is the composer and pianist of the trio but also organist in the Springbok Quartet (he recorded 5 albums on the Hammond organ between 2009 and 2022). This musician, whose discretion is as astonishing as his talent is dazzling, brought together the Indian tabla player Mosin Kawa and the guitarist Loïc Réchard to form this  surprising and exceptional trio. Attracted by the sound of the tabla, by the rhythms (talas) and melodies (ragas), the keyboardist is developing a project at the crossroads of jazz and Hindustani music. The trio’s instrumentation, initially designed around the Hammond organ, evolved to result in a piano/ guitar/ percussion format. This gave Matthieu Marthouret the opportunity to return to his original instrument and record for the first time on the piano as a leader. Matthieu composed, alone, 4 titles, and he co-composed 3 with Mosin Kawa, bearer of an oral musical tradition which has been transmitted for 7 generations in his family from Rajasthan (Gokulpura). One composition is signed by guitarist Loïc Réchard, and one is signed by the pianist, guitarist and tabla player together. The title of the opus reveals what the music offered by the trio gives off, Lori being a first name which comes from the Latin “laurus” which means “laurel” and especially “crown with laurel”, a first name which denotes an attractive personality, as attractive as the music offered on this superb album. In a word, splendid! Essential!

Frankie Pfeiffer
Editor in chief – PARIS-MOVE

PARIS-MOVE, May 13th 2024

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