Grace Kelly – At The Movie (ENG review)

Pazz productions – Street Date March 1st 2024
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Grace Kelly – At The Movie (ENG review)

Do not be fooled by the appearance of the album cover, as Grace Kelly, who borrowed the name of the famous actress, has a deep connection to it. From her childhood fascination with her favorite movie star, Princess Grace Kelly, to cherished family rituals involving visits to the local video store and Friday movie nights, this album represents a significant moment for her. Falling in love with Grace Kelly, adopting her name, playing incredible music, including the only song she sang on screen – it’s a project she had wanted to do for a long time, and she is truly proud of it. Clearly, this album holds personal significance for Kelly, reflecting a lifelong passion for cinema and storytelling. Changing her legal name to Grace Kelly at the age of 8, after taking her stepfather’s name, seems to have predestined her artistic journey and connection to the golden age of cinema.
To give some context about this artist, who has more in common with a boosted Charlie Parker than with the actress, this saxophonist Grace Kelly is now on her fifteenth album, which is a true success. Taking on film music is no easy task, but once again, she has nailed it. This kind of album can appeal to both the general public and true jazz enthusiasts. The arrangements are grandiose, sometimes amusing, and particularly rich, showcasing Grace Kelly’s dexterity that can convince anyone.
The participation of guitarist Cory Wong is also particularly appreciated. Famous for his distinctive rhythmic guitar playing, Wong brings his groovy signature to “The Power of Love”. The track, arranged by 8-Bit Big Band leader Charlie Rosen, a Tony and Grammy Award winner, reflects the richness of Kelly’s diverse musical influences. The dynamic interaction between Kelly and Wong as they harmoniously exchange musical leads is a highlight, emphasizing their successful collaborations on previous albums such as Cory Wong’s “Turbo” and Dirty Loops, as well as the Fearless Flyers’ “Tailwinds”.
And these are just a few examples of all the wonderful surprises that this album, “At The Movies,” has in store for you. It is a sincere tribute to one of Kelly’s favorite jazz albums. She shares, “What captivated me about ‘Charlie Parker with Strings’ was the elegance and virtuosity in Charlie Parker’s playing. He was my first alto saxophone hero. Through his most complex lines, he guides us with such lyricism, intertwining beautifully with Jimmy Carroll’s arrangements. I immersed myself in the music of this album and used it as a guiding light during the recording of my own album.”
If you love both cinema and jazz, this album is almost a must-have. It offers an abundance of interest and humor and proves to be “Indispensable” for the editorial staff at Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 28th 2024

PS: As the information is specified in the title of the album cover we received, we mention the copyright of the photo (…in case the photographer comes to ask us why it is not mentioned with the review): Grace Kelly with Strings – photo by Pasha Riger.


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