Fuat Tuaç – Immigrant (ENG review)

Fuat Tuaç – Immigrant (FR review)

Here is an album as fascinating as it is entertaining. Fuat Tuaç is a Turkish artist who is passionate about the world around him, playing with the rhythms of different musical eras. The Turkish-Canadian singer explores his experiences as a single man seeking love online, all while maintaining a sense of humor. “Online dating has its own international vocabulary and rules, breaking which can have serious consequences. I wanted to address the difficulty that may arise when considering meeting someone offline, post-COVID,” says Fuat. Ultimately, Immigrant aims to reach everyone, regardless of their country of origin. “I believe,” Fuat smiles, “that the eclectic nature of the album lends itself to that.”
Immigrant is also a reflection of his own life. Having started singing jazz in Turkey, he settled in Montreal in 2011, studying jazz at Concordia University and releasing his first album, “Late Bloomer,” in 2017. Immigration often has the positive effect of propelling creativity by exposing oneself to different ways of studying, observing, and sharing knowledge. In his own way, this album is a perfect example of that. From start to finish, one can savor the eclectic and perfectly structured nature of this album.
Immigration is a sensitive topic, and it is not the only theme presented by renowned singer and composer Fuat Tuaç in his second album, aptly titled “Immigrant” (Release Date: May 26). Here, Fuat shares a collection of stories and experiences about life in Canada as a thirty-something immigrant. “I wanted to talk about my journey,” explains Fuat. “I wanted to talk about the people I’ve met along the way, my experience in the jazz world and beyond, how people see me and how I see them. I wanted to address all of that and inspire people.”
Singing in French, Turkish, and English, Fuat invites Turkish singer Yesim Akin to revive the song “Chez Moi” from 1974, composed by Alice Dona. The fusion of styles and genres is delightfully succulent, difficult to achieve, and executed perfectly here with collaborations featuring Eric St-Laurent on guitar, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, Eric West on drums, and Jordan O’Connor on double bass.
This album is both exotic and relatable to each one of us, much like the experience of all migrants, including myself. It represents the richness we carry within us, which sustains us at every moment and should not be wasted, but rather shared whenever necessary.
Once again, the editorial teams of Paris Move and Bayou Blue Radio applaud the work of an artist, Fuat Tuaç in this case, and wish all the best for his album “Immigrant.” By adding our contribution to this endeavor, we place “Immigrant” in the category of “Indispensable.”

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, May 28th 2023


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