Dock In Absolute – [RE]FLEKT (ENG review)

AM Jazz – Street date October 13th 2023
Dock In Absolute - [RE]FLEKT (FR review)

Here is an album that will undoubtedly be one of the best of 2023. The piano trio Dock In Absolute hails from Luxembourg, and if you’re familiar with the excellence of Luxembourgish musicians in jazz, to name just one, the trumpeter Gast Waltzing, a leading figure in the jazz scene of the Grand Duchy, search for his videos on the web, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about…
Brian Morton states: The group’s previous work for CAM JAZZ has established a distinctive voice, fueled by the compositions of pianist Jean-Philippe Koch but brought to life through the energetic and musical contributions of bassist Arne Weigand and drummer Victor Kraus. Drawing its roots from the vast literature of piano jazz trios while firmly oriented towards the present, Dock In Absolute offers undeniably contemporary and fresh music, while remaining conscious of tradition. Recorded in CAM JAZZ’s characteristic bright and responsive sound, [RE]FLEKT is poised to become one of the essential jazz albums of the year.
In fact, from its first listen, this album is addictive, radiating technical complexity yet extremely accessible to everyone, delving into the paths of Terry Riley for the aspect of repetitive music that underpins the creation of this group, and for the rest, showcasing shimmering melodies that cover it all, along with a particularly effective drummer. In this trio, we find Jean-Philippe Koch on piano, Arne Wiegand on electric bass, and Victor Kraus on drums – three exciting musicians who lead us through 11 tracks of an album that is one of the most beautiful and impressive I’ve come across in recent years, speaking solely about music.
Undoubtedly, due to the nature of their country’s situation, these musicians are sensitive to the cultures of the surrounding countries – Germany, Belgium, and France. In these three countries, musical cultures are strong and diverse, and listening to their way of composing and managing musical arrangements, it is evident that these musical influences have breathed artistic inspiration into their work. Regularly in Europe, a jazz group stands out, and Dock In Absolute is one such case. With this album, one can expect to see them emerge on international stages, as this group is recognizable from the first notes of any of their tracks. They have a strong musical identity, very strong, uncompromising, and a unique vision of their art, much like artists such as Médéric Collignon or Céline Bonacina, whom I will talk to you about soon for the release of her new album.
What sets this trio apart from other groups is the personality of these three musicians, their way of playing and conceiving music, and even more so, the perfect harmony between them. You can feel their joy in playing, in offering their best, which, for the editorial teams at Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, is the central point that leads us to include them in our “Essential” selections.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, July 21st 2023