Danette McMahon – No More Excuses (ENG review)

Street Date: January 26th 2024
Danette McMahon – No More excuses (ENG review)

If we refer to her biography, Danette McMahon started her career behind a microphone at the age of 7, but to truly understand what makes this album a beautiful vocal masterpiece, one probably needs to look at another part of her biography: “Over the years, Danette has shared the stage with many respected professionals, such as Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno, and has alternated performances with Little Anthony & The Imperials and jazz/blues legend Joe Williams at the Tropicana & Sahara in Las Vegas. She opened for Freddie Hubbard, Pacquito de Rivera, Hiroshima, and Spyro Gyra at the ‘Jazz on the Grazz’ Festival in Fort Lauderdale. In Houston, Danette was the featured singer for the Bob Henschen Band, opening for Marvin Hamlisch, Dionne Warwick, and The Smothers Brothers.”
With such references, it’s easy to understand why this album is so enjoyable to listen to. A beautiful vocal technique, a subtle yet present groove that, even with its fourteen tracks, seems too short. In fact, the only regret is the cover, which doesn’t truly showcase this great artist – a magnificent interpreter who could sing Paul Auster’s texts without it feeling strange. And I emphasize “interpreter” because, for me, it goes beyond simply singing. Knowing how to bring one’s personality, vocal uniqueness, and intentions into what one sings is not given to everyone. Danette is part of that exclusive club of artists admired for the emotion they evoke through their interpretation.
In 2010, she performed with the Bob Henschen Band at Castello Banfi Castle in Montalcino, Italy. Danette’s passion for bringing the power of music to those living with Alzheimer’s disease has led her to retirement communities and Alzheimer’s residences in Houston. She uses her beautiful voice, humor, costumes, and familiar songs to delight her audience, who respond by singing and dancing.
And perhaps that’s what shines through in her interpretations – a profound humanity that compels the listener. Her rendition of “Life Goes On” is a pure marvel, and in a different style, “Closer To My Dream” is an album that can be listened to endlessly. In my case, I wonder how I could have overlooked such an artist for years, but fortunately, our partner Kari-On Productions is here to educate us! The editorial teams at Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move happily placed this album in the “Essentials” stack.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 14th 2024


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