Brother Jack McDuff – Aint No Sunshine (Live in Seattle)

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Brother Jack McDuff - Aint No Sunshine (Live in Seattle)

Attention Hammond organ enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Let’s take a dive back into the early 1970s. Back when Starsky and Hutch were taking over European television screens, remember the sounds of those years? You’ll immediately recognize where this album is taking you, and honestly, this album is totally legendary! Let it be known! Recorded live at The Gallery in Seattle on September 13, 1972, this double album is an essential document of Brother Jack McDuff’s exceptional creative output in the early 1970s. After recording over 50 albums throughout the 1960s, McDuff’s sound at the time of this recording may be at its peak – uncompromisingly clear, superbly arranged, and perfectly articulated by his tight-knit ensemble. Leading from the organ, McDuff is joined by Leo Johnson on tenor saxophone, flute, and clarinet, Dave Young on tenor and soprano saxophone, Vinnie Corrao on guitar, and Ron Davis on drums.

This Hammond organ, elegantly squeaking, surrounded by exceptional musicians who delight with some Wah-Wah pedal effects that many guitarists regularly abused, swinging bass lines, a whole universe of an era where inventiveness was everywhere… This deluxe edition on double 180-gram LPs is produced by Cory Weeds for Reel to Real Recordings, an archival imprint of Cellar Music Group. This notable vinyl box set will be released on April 20, 2024, as part of the Record Store Day. The package includes a detailed booklet with essays by Weeds, Andrew Scott, and Brian Charette, as well as interviews with George Benson, Larry Goldings, and Delvon Lamar. The deluxe CD and digital version will be available on May 17th. Brother Jack McDuff is perhaps most associated with his dynamic mid-1960s quartet with George Benson, Red Holloway, and Joe Dukes, who cut some of the most iconic organ recordings ever made.

Now you understand the importance of this sonic document which not only honors Brother Jack McDuff but all the other talented artists featured on this album, a true collector’s item. McDuff’s 1972 ensemble was a fleeting and rarely recorded formation, composed of artists handpicked by McDuff to execute his demanding arrangements and play with the pulse and improvised fire required by the conductor. The result was lightning in a bottle. The album kicks off with the irresistible groove of “Theme From The Electric Surfboard”.

Gone in 2001, this Hammond organ genius carved his path and imposed his style as a sensitive and visionary musician. Again, I would recommend the LP version, which will better capture these sounds. Though the CD version, while perfect, lacks a bit of warmth, it’s still extraordinary to listen to.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move and ABS magazine
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, April 8th 2024

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Cellar Music Group Announces Archival Imprint From Reel to Real Recordings Ain’t No Sunshine (Live in Seattle) From Titan of the Organ, Brother Jack McDuff.
Deluxe CD and digital out May 17
Package includes extensive booklet including essays by Andrew Scott, Producer Cory Weeds, and Brian Charette as well as interviews with George Benson, Larry Goldings and Delvon Lamar.

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