AZURA (Maxime Perrin Group) – Ardente Abissu – reedition 2023 (ENG review)

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AZURA (Maxime Perrin Group) – Ardente Abissu reedition 2023 (FR review)

My friend, composer, and accordionist Maxime Perrin released this album Ardente Abissu with his band in 2009, and I am even happier about the return of this album because, in my opinion, it is certainly the one that resembles him the most.
Indeed, Maxime Perrin’s broad culture ranges from classical music to pop, rock, jazz, and world music, making it very difficult to summarize his work. This album does it perfectly.
Maxime enjoys provoking, and therefore, after the raw violence of the album’s first track, “Mazzeri,” with its deliciously wild side, we have “Suite Bonaparte,” which follows a very classical structure and is as radiant as a film score. Ardente Abissu is an album full of contradictions that harmonize with each other due to the melodic sense and arrangements that Maxime has perfectly mastered.
This album is also a bit of his life, him being a boy from the center of France who came into contact with Corsica… Those who come into contact get pricked, and that was the case, resulting in “Les Jumeaux”… And undoubtedly, his new life allows him to assume his compositions even better, both intellectually and scenically. Azura is composed primarily by Maxime Perrin on the accordion, Jean Brice Godet on the clarinet, Remi Habib on the double bass, and Stephane Sangline on drums, with a few additional guest musicians providing support… Azura is strong!
While I spoke about the energy of this album, you will also find poetic reverie within it because each artist present contributes a bit of themselves, and when Maxime hands them a score, magic happens. This album is a true wonder, even more modern today than what it represented in 2009. Such a group is too confined within a small country like France; it carries an international dimension within itself and has the ability to captivate anyone lucky enough to encounter it.
Yes, all the artists present on this album are truly incredible and provide an unparalleled foundation for Maxime Perrin’s work. He couldn’t dream of anything better. Hopefully, Azura will finally set foot in many countries that will be ready to welcome it with open arms. I mainly think of the USA, where the use of the accordion in this form is completely unknown, and where this kind of composition can only find success with an audience eager for all kinds of propositions.
I hope you will enjoy this discovery, which will appeal to anyone who considers art essential to life, like water, air, or fire.
The editorial teams of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio have placed this album in the “essential” category, and it is perfectly justified.

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, May 30th 2023


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