Angie Wells – Truth Be Told (ENG review)

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Jazz, Soul
Angie Wells - Truth Be Told (FR review)

Angie Wells is also known in France for having been programmed in numerous festivals, both in her home country, the USA, and abroad. A passionate and captivating vocalist, she offers us here an album of exceptional quality that is almost indefinable, as it encompasses jazz, blues, and soul music. Accompanied by remarkable musicians and produced by John Clayton, the album may seem somewhat classic at first glance, but the arrangements are so majestic and Angie Wells’ voice is so beautifully carried that it is impossible to resist the charm of this CD.
With 16 tracks, it feels like 16 snapshots from a film illustrating moments of life, contemplations, and speaking of love. There isn’t a single dull moment. The title track, “Truth Be Told,” begins with an a cappella section that few artists would have been able to deliver with such perfection. Upon reflection, the choice of songs reminds me of a kind of kaleidoscope of musical styles that make Angie Wells shine. For example, a track like “Nick Of Time” borders on Smooth Jazz, while others lean more towards jazz.
This album also appreciates the prominence given to the instruments. Wells began her singing career in an intimate little supper club in Saint-Germain des Prés in Paris when she joined the trio playing that night for a few tunes. The audience’s explosive applause encouraged her to begin training to sing professionally. She won the New Talent Competition at the final Sweet n’ Hot Jazz Festival in Los Angeles and qualified as a semi-finalist for the 1st Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition.
She has absorbed the influence of her time in Europe, the way she handles music, and combines it with her incredible voice. It is extremely expressive, which is why a track like “You Don’t Know What Love Is” is strongly supported by a cello. Few American artists would dare to arrange a song like this for a singer, but with Angie Wells, it works wonders.
“Truth Be Told” is an album that maintains perfect balance, an equilibrium that only a truly great artist can manage. In this particular case, it is a flawless achievement that has led the editorial teams of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio to include this album in their list of “Essentials.”

Thierry De Clemensat
Correspondent in USA
Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, July 3rd 2023