Andrew Binder – Conspiracy Deliracy (ENG review)

Andrew Binder - Conspiracy Deliracy

Andrew Binder is a young composer, double bassist, and educator. It’s good to start with how Andrew presents his creation: “My original jazz/fusion group, ‘Conspiracy Deliracy,’ consists of all my original music based on popular conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing, the Mandela Effect, Bigfoot, Area 51, and others related to musicians, such as Katy Perry being a lizard person, Stevie Wonder not being blind, Beyonce being part of the Illuminati, and Avril Lavigne being dead and replaced by a look-alike. The written music is designed as humorous caricatures, as well as serving as a subtle commentary on the current era of disinformation.”
In his compositions, Andrew is steeped in jazz history. Indeed, in his double bass phrasing, one can sometimes find a form of irony, and the rhythm ensures the contemporary aspect of the work, balanced with precision and remarkable delicacy. The most amusing aspect is, at times, the incorporation of jazz elements from New Orleans. Andrew Binder constantly breaks the codes, and we love it because we can find ourselves in a ten-minute track and experience it like a film, with a story and progression that keep us engaged at every moment.
Andrew Binder is clearly a man of his time, with pop/rock influences and, most likely, a love for comics. He propels us into various atmospheres in a single track, diverse in their presentation. There’s a discreet groove that frames it all, and that is probably his “Deliracy” side, with “Conspiracy” being merely a pretext for introductions. Ultimately, the composition of the tracks is inspiring, easily captivating us, and we wholeheartedly embrace Andrew Binder’s artistic propositions. If today’s jazz has its classics, we certainly need to take note of this artist, and what is truly admirable is his astonishing ability to offer us moments of pure poetry amidst a form of beautiful organized chaos.
Undoubtedly, we have in our hands one of the loveliest albums we have received in recent times. It is undeniable that this past decade has seen the emergence of many talents in the world of jazz. This album deserves us to pause for a moment and appreciate these wonderful musicians: Andrew Binder – bass, compositions, & album artwork, Justin Dyar – trumpet, Brian Stark – saxophones & flute, Frank Niemeyer – trombone, Jose Gobbo – guitar, Kurt Reeder – piano & keys, Max Osawa – drums. The editors of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move proudly place this album on their “Essential” list.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 17th 2024


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