Andrea Superstein – Oh Mother (ENG review)

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Andrea Superstein – Oh Mother

Firstly, the pretext of this album is particularly interesting, as much as the musical compositions or the voice of Andrea Superstein. “Oh Mother” was inspired by the personal experience as a mother of the Vancouverite singer and composer Andrea Superstein. Between the trauma of giving birth to a baby and all the physical changes a mother goes through, balancing a job, exploring her new role and place in the world: contrary to popular belief, motherhood can be a very isolating experience. It is rare for this kind of theme to be addressed in songs, let alone in such a personal vision. From my point of view, this is what makes this album exceptional, as merging one’s inner reflections as a mother with art is a stroke of genius and deserves deep respect. There is not one way to be a mother, but many ways, so it is particularly interesting to understand what motivated this album.
These dark moments raised many questions that Superstein began to ponder. She wanted to know if the difficulties she was enduring were universal: were they a reflection of the times or just her own? Superstein interviewed nearly 100 mothers to understand the root of motherhood. What were the common experiences, and why were people so afraid or unable to speak their truth?
Based on these conversations, she wrote music: some songs tell the story of an individual, others reflect the collective consciousness. Some offer a candid look at loss, while others describe the explosive feeling a parent can have towards their child. The album represents how all these contradictory feelings can coexist and sheds true light on the complicated, delicate, beautiful, traumatic, and chaotic journey that is motherhood.
A powerful album that questions without judgment, a unique work of art in both its musical structure and writing. It surprises with a selection and order of tracks that make this album particularly vibrant. What is also fascinating is this very pop voice that jazzes in every direction, undoubtedly a striking personality that, if she continues on this path, will carve out a beautiful place in the world of jazz through her uniqueness in addressing personal or societal themes with equally captivating lyrics.
As you may have understood, this album is deemed “Essential” by the editorial teams of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move.

Thierry De Clemensat
USA correspondent – Paris-Move
Editor in chief Bayou Blue Radio, Bayou Blue News

PARIS-MOVE, January 13th 2024


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Andrea Superstein: vocals
Chris Gestrin: piano, synth, Rhodes, organ
Carlie Howell: bass
Dan Gaucher: drums
Liam MacDonald: percussion (8)
Jane Bunnett: flute (6)
Rachel Therrien: trumpet (5, 8)
Itamar Erez: guitar (4)
Meredith Bates: violin (4, 9)
Elisa Thorn: harp (7)
Danae Olano: piano (6)
Roberto Riveron: bass (6)
Jorge Luis “Papiosco” Torres: percussion (6)
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Joanna Majoko, Elizabeth Shepherd: additional vocals
Kids Choir: Ivy Alexander, Koen Diaz, Cleo Knight, Mela Pietropaolo, Zoe Price, Sadie Sharpe, Nahla Sures, Poppy Tiffin, Zebedee Tiffin, Evan Turner, Leo Zigelman

Executive Producer: Andrea Superstein
Produced by Elizabeth Shepherd
Recorded at Monarch Studios Nov 10-12, 2021 engineered by Olivia Quan
Additional recording at Demitone Studios Dec 6, 2021 engineered by Dave Sikula and Green Door Studios Dec 6, 2021 engineered by John Critchley
Mixed by John MacLean
Mastered by Justin Gray
Photography by Brandon Elliott